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3 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Time to Have Your Home's Interior Painted

While freezing temperatures can make exterior painting projects tricky, winter is the perfect time to have your home's interior painted. Check out why you should consider starting your interior painting projects this winter season! 1. Professional Paint Crews are More Readily Available During the winter season, professional paint crews are typically less busy than they are during warmer months which makes the process of finding available, quality professionals easy. Professional painters are also usually less expensive during the winter. This change of scene is a great help to your decorating budget, making winter the perfect time to have professional painters spruce up your home. 2. You'll Spend Less Time Watching Paint Dry During the colder months, there's naturally less humidity in the air and central heating dries it out even more. Less humidity means less time...professional painter painting interior of home
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Top 3 Popular Bathroom Paint Colors

Everyone wants to keep their bathroom fresh. However, it's sometimes easy to forget that every once in a while that includes a fresh coat of paint! Not only will a new coat of paint keep you your bathroom up to date with the latest trends, but it can also ease streaks and water damage. Unsure how to transform your restroom into a clean, aesthetically pleasing space? Check out some of our top bathroom paint color recommendations. 1. Navy If you're feeling bold, blue's edgy best friend may be the perfect fit for your bathroom. This dark hue will allow light appliances to pop while providing you with a secluded and peaceful retreat. 2. Powder Blue Powder blue will look right at home in your powder room! Employing a subtle touch of color on your walls will...bathroom recently repainted by professional painters
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How Frequently Your Home’s Exterior Should Be Repainted

When it comes to keeping the exterior of your home in good condition, keeping up with regular maintenance and repainting when necessary is essential. While the short answer is 8-10 years, how frequently it should be repainted really depends on numerous factors such as: the quality of the previous preparation and paint, where your home is located, what your home’s exterior is made of, and how well you maintain your home’s exterior. Where Do You Live? Believe it or not, where your home is located can affect how often your home needs to be painted. If you live in the open plains of the mid-western part of the U.S., you might receive more sunlight than your counterparts who live along the coasts or near the mountains. Direct sunlight can cause your paint to stain or fade...newly repainted house exterior
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4 Paint Colors to Set Off Your Home’s Interior

The paint colors you choose for your interior walls set the tone for your entire home. Whether you're going for a peaceful oasis away from the world, trying to match your quirky personality, or simply wanting to make a room appear larger or smaller, there's a color suited to every mood and need. Keep reading to check out a few colors that can help change up the look and feel of any room. 1. Gray Gray is a versatile color that gives your room an open feeling while providing a neutral backdrop for any splash of color you want to experiment with. Having a gray backdrop to show off some colorful art gives a room a sophisticated and modern feel. It can be a great option for any room in your home with the right accent...selection of paint colors for interior painting project
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3 Tips For Preserving Your Home’s Exterior Paint

Painting the exterior of your home is an excellent investment and is one that can really help to bring new life to your home's exterior. However, since this is an investment for you, it is very important that you protect it. Thankfully, there are certain things that you can do to help preserve your paint. Keep these three tips in mind to preserve the paint on the exterior of your home. 1. Pressure Wash One of the best ways to preserve your paint is to pressure wash the exterior of your home. By using a pressure washer on a controlled setting that is strong enough to remove any stains or debris, but not so powerful as to damage your home's exterior, you can help keep your paint looking as good as new. A pressure wash will...exterior house paint preserved by regular maintenance
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