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4 Surprising Benefits of Waterproofing Your Home

Waterproofing your home may sound like a value-added task that many people think is optional. After all, their home is still habitable and looks nice regardless of whether it is waterproofed or not. However, waterproofing your home brings several surprising benefits you may not have considered. Check out these four unexpected benefits of waterproofing your home! 1. Avoid Costly Flooding Repairs Statistics from insurance companies show that flooding damages account for 24% of all home insurance claims. As we all know, the more insurance claims you have, the higher your premium. To avoid having to pay a higher premium for your home insurance, lower the risk of water and flooding damages by having your home waterproofed by a professional. 2. Increase the Value of Your Property Waterproofing not only adds a layer of protection to your...professional painter waterproofing home
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4 Spring Home Exterior Maintenance Tips

As the temperatures warm up and the days become longer, many people start their annual spring cleaning to-do list. No closet or drawer is safe from this cleaning spree. Along with the interior cleaning, your home’s exterior could also use a little TLC this spring season. Check out these exterior home maintenance tips to keep your home in tip-top shape this spring. 1. Inspect and Repair Any Damaged Caulking In order to keep your home protected from harmful environmental effects this spring season, it’s important to have your home’s caulking inspected and repaired. Especially around your windows and doors, caulking helps to prevent the outside air and elements from entering your home. Caulking can also be used on any small cracks in your foundation and between siding boards to prevent moisture intrusion. 2. Power Wash Your...professional painter power washing house before painting exterior
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4 Reasons Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Paint Your Home Exterior

As spring arrives, the weather shift from cold to sunny and mild makes it possible to carry out outdoor projects. After being less active for a while in the winter, homeowners can be overwhelmed with a long list of tasks to accomplish during spring. One of the tasks that should be carried out during this period is exterior painting. Check out these reasons why painting your home’s exterior should be number one on your spring to-do list. 1. Recover from Winter Damage Too much moisture trapped into exterior paint encourages mildew growth and may cause it to crack, blister, and peel. This harmful moisture originates from snow, ice, and even humidity from your home’s interior during the cold season. When winter is over, it is therefore important to assess the situation of the current paint and...freshly painted home exterior in spring
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3 Popular Interior Painting Trends for Your Home Office

During these uncertain times with some still choosing to work from home, having a clean, well-designed home office is important to stay motivated. If your home office is starting to look outdated and bringing your work ethic down, it might be time for an update. Even just a new, fresh coat of paint can really change the space and help you to make it your own. Check out these three popular interior paint color trends to consider for your home office upgrade! 1. Warm Grey One excellent color to consider for your home office is warm grey. This is a wonderful color for a home office because of its naturally calming quality. A warm grey office can help you to stay in a mindset that allows you to focus on your work and get things done....home office freshly painted by professional house painters
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Get Inspired with These 2021 Interior Paint Color Trends

Last year, most of us spent more time in our homes than ever before, giving us plenty of time to look at our home’s interior paint colors and get inspired for an upgrade. With a new year comes a fresh start and changing visions. Check out these exciting interior paint color trends predicted to be hugely popular in 2021! 1. Dark, Warm Gray This grounded shade of gray will create a comfortable and modern look in any room. This color works perfectly as the main wall or accent color, making it an extremely versatile neutral choice. For example, use this color in a bedroom as an accent wall and use a chalky white as the primary room color to create a restful and contemporary environment. Decorate with natural wood finishes and pale pink decor to inject...home interior trend completed by professional interior painters
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