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team of painters at safety meeting team of painters at safety meeting

Our Painters' and Carpentry Contractors' Safety Promise

A key to Major Painting’s success throughout the years has been attention to safety and commitment to prevent injuries from occurring to its valued staff as well as the surrounding traffic of the job site(s). To ensure safety requirements are met at all job sites, staff-wide safety meetings are required and conducted on a weekly basis. Paired with the weekly safety meetings, are additional, specialized and custom safety plans based on the specification of the project being executed.

Individualized Safety Plans

With over 30 years of experience in executing commercial, industrial, and residential painting projects, Major Painting has developed the in-depth knowledge of how commercial, industrial, and residential painting projects differ in safety needs and requirements. For example, when painting the exterior of a commercial building with high customer traffic and tall exterior elevations, it is important to use an adequate lift with harnesses, an operator that is aerial lift certified, and cones surrounding the workspace to ensure the business’ employees, customers, and the field laborers are all readily aware of the ongoing project and remain safe. The result of successfully implemented safety plans is not only safety to the field painters and the surrounding traffic but also leads to superior craftsmanship due to a sense of security of a safe workspace.

Our Safety Promise

Safety Certifications

To ensure our staff is up to date and competent with the latest safety trends and requirements, Major Painting requires all Master Painters and Foremen go through the following certification processes:

  • OSHA-10

    The 10-hour training program provided by OSHA, (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) the OSHA-10 is a certification that ensures that each entry-level construction worker is aware of the potential dangers and risks of working on a construction site and how best to prepare themselves in order to avoid and mitigate these risks.

  • Fall Protection

    Per the US Department of Labor, 8% of all occupational fatalities from trauma are related to some type of fall. Therefore, with a majority of our actions being performed at heights, it is important for our staff to understand and identify any fall hazards associated with their job site. This OSHA course ensures our employees understand the OSHA requirements for when and how to use fall protection in completing their day-to-day tasks.

  • Scaffold Safety

    Although we rarely use scaffolding, there are those few projects each year that require scaffolding due to the technicalities of the building. By completing this course, it guarantees our employees are competent in what types of scaffolding should be used and how to construct them accordingly.

  • Aerial Lift Certified

    Depending on the height of the building and the obstacles on the ground, we find the majority of our commercial painting projects are performed with some type of lift. This certification allows our employees to have the knowledge on how to operate all lifts and, more importantly, understand their responsibilities as a lift operator. Aerial lifts are not only a great way to keep everyone safe but are also a great way to ensure superior craftsmanship due to the craftsman having a steady platform to work from.

Safety Certifications

Safety is a Priority

At Major Painting safety is a priority. If you are interested in hiring a painting and carpentry contractor that puts the safety of its staff as well as yours and the surrounding individuals first, Major Painting is the only choice for your residential, commercial, or industrial painting and carpentry projects! Contact Major Painting to learn more about how we can help you with your residential, industrial, and commercial painting needs.

Prioritizing Safety

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