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freshly repainted house in Lee's Summit, MO freshly repainted house in Lee's Summit, MO

Exterior House Painters Serving Lee's Summit, MO

Whether you’re putting your house up for sale and attempting to increase its resale value or are just wanting a fresh, new look, a quality exterior paint job is essential. At Major Painting, our skilled residential exterior painters know the importance of an attractive, durable exterior and strive to provide our customers with top quality exterior painting services.

Our full-service residential exterior painting services include the following:

Wood Rot Repair

Wood rot occurs when wood is exposed to moisture and fungi and can cause extensive damage to wooden structures such as your porch, deck, and home. Fortunately, our experienced residential exterior painters in Kansas City can easily spot signs of wood rot, repair affected areas, and prevent future occurrences with our exterior paint which acts as a seal to protect your home and other wood structures.


Environmental factors such as rain and snow can cause serious damage to your home if areas are left unsealed and unprotected. At Major Painting, our exterior painters in Kansas City offer caulking and water proofing services to ensure your home is airtight.

Full Exterior Finishing

At Major Painting, we deliver top quality residential exterior painting services. Our experienced residential exterior painters will work with you every step of the way, from helping you choose and pair your desired paint and trim color(s) to completing finishing touches and a thorough project cleanup. Our professional house painters will provide only the best materials and to ensure a job done right and an exterior of your dreams.

Our Exterior Painting Services

Our Residential Exterior Painting Process

With our residential exterior painting services, our professional house painters will not only guarantee a safe and efficient job but will also help you achieve your desired look and boost the curb appeal and value of your home!

To request a free estimate, or if you’re interested in learning more about our residential exterior painting services, contact us or give us a call today at (816) 795-9049. We look forward to serving you!

house painters' finished project in Lee's Summit, MO
Our Painting Process

Residential Exterior Painting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best method to paint the exterior of my house? Brush and Roller or Spray?

We recommend the Spray and Back Roll method when painting the exterior of your home. The Spray and Back Roll method simply combines the two traditional methods, Spray and Hand; therefore, you’re getting the best of both worlds. This method entails one painter spraying a liberal amount of coating onto the substrate while the other comes behind him and rolls it out. As a result, you have the efficiency of the Spray method, while the Hand method provides you with the security that the coating was properly pushed into the surface creating a uniform appearance. The Spray and Back Roll method is highly recommended on porous substrates such as Stucco, EIFS, Concrete. The Spray and Back Roll method isn’t necessarily applicable to smooth or hard to roll surfaces like metal or lap siding.

Can/Should you paint the foundation of your house?

If you have a residential home with an exposed foundation, painting it will help blend it in with the other exterior finishes. Most of the homes we repaint have already had their foundations painted, but for those who don’t 95% of homeowners request that the foundation be painted when repainting their home. We find painting the foundation makes the home look more finished and visually attractive.

What is the best time of the year to paint a house exterior?

Our expert house painters in Kansas City can paint nearly year-round without sacrificing the quality of paint. In short, the best time to start an exterior painting project is as soon as you want it!

Are there weather restrictions to painting a house?

Weather is a factor that is watched closely before, during, and after painting a home. When painting in Kansas City, and the Midwest in general, it is important, when the paint is being applied, that the surface is clean and dry in order to guarantee proper adhesion. During application, it is important to monitor the precipitation in the forecast as well as the wind. The rain can rinse away the paint from the surface if it hits before it cures. If the wind is strong, you also need to watch that you’re not over spraying any surrounding items. It is also important to allow the paint to cure for up to four hours or more before rain is expected to fall.

Does painting my home’s exterior increase the value of my home?

Painting your home can increase the value of your home, but that added value is subjective from one person to another. The real value of having your house painted is the protection the coating gives your exterior substrate from the weather, therefore extending its life and avoiding other costly repairs.


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