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Commercial Joint Caulking


Caulking Joint

Finished Joint

 Expansion joints can be found on almost all sizeable commercial buildings. Expansion joints are a mid-structure seperation created in order to relieve stress put on the building from natural building movement. Joints must remain watertight, but flexible over time. Depending on the expansion and contraction of the walls, a joint is due for maintenance on average every 10 years. 


Common Problems:

The most common problem that leads to joint failure is the lack of proper adhesion of the sealant to the concrete. Poor adhesion is most commonly created by poor preperation of the joint surface. It is important the joint is clean of any remaining laitance or bond breaker. 


When Do I Repair:

Maintenance repair is necessary when:

- Water has penetrated the inside of the building

- Has pulled away from the substrate

- Caulk is cracking or brittle