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residential epoxy chip flooring in a garage residential epoxy chip flooring in a garage

Residential Epoxy Garage Flooring Company in Lee’s Summit, MO

Please note that our residential flooring services are exclusively offered for garage flooring installations in Lee’s Summit, MO this time. Our flooring team also offers a full suite of flooring services for commercial properties.

Epoxy Garage Flooring Installation

When your garage doors are up, your garage space becomes the welcoming handshake to neighbors and visitors. We have all seen cases where a dark and dingy garage interior can detract from a home’s beauty. What better way to complement a fresh coat of wall paint performed by Major Painting than protecting and beautifying the floor in your garage.

As a residential flooring contractor, we have applications that can be prepared and completed in as little as a day. Whether you want a full flake epoxy system or a couple solid colors to represent your alma mater, we can accomplish your goal and add beauty and protection to your garage floor.

Our Garage Flooring Services

Our Process for Installing New Garage Flooring

The following is our process for our garage flooring projects:

  1. Measure your garage floor for moisture to ensure that the specified application will perform properly.

  2. Professionally prepare your floors with mechanical walk behind grinders and hand tools.

  3. Repair your concrete if there is any spalling or cracking.

  4. Apply a primer coat to protect against moisture.

  5. Apply a base coat for added adhesion.

  6. Apply the final protective finish coat which is typically a form of Urethane or Polyaspartic.

after epoxy coating applied to garage floor
before epoxy floor coating applied go garage concrete
Our Garage Flooring Process

Residential Garage Flooring FAQs

How long will the garage floor installation take from start to finish?

The garage flooring installation process typically takes 1-3 days for a typical two stall garage. The total days is in direct correlation to the floor coating system you choose and which product best suits your needs.

Is a full decorative flake system the only option for garage floors?

You will have a range of options presented to you including solid color, partial flake, metallic, accent colors, and more. You may already have an idea of what you like, and we are happy to assist turning your imagination into reality.

Will there be a lot of dust from grinding my floor?

There will be very little dust from the floor grinding process. Our mechanical floor grinders are paired with a HEPA vacuum that keeps those particles out of the air.

How long after completion can I park my car in my garage again?

This is contingent on the flooring system you choose. Typically, you can park your vehicle back in your garage 12-48 hours after the completion of the project. The project manager will let you know any specific after care instructions.

Do you only work on garage floors or can you help with hardwood floors or LVT?

Currently, we only offer garage flooring to our residential customers in Lee’s Summit, MO. Additional flooring options are currently only available for our commercial flooring customers throughout the Kansas City metro.


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