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3 Things to Consider When Hiring Commercial Painters

Many business owners have difficulties deciding on the right contractor to paint their commercial building. Most people assume that the only criteria they need to consider is whether or not the contractor is licensed and bonded. Those things are important, however those elements only meet the minimum in terms of what a business owner should look for in a painting contractor. When searching for a contractor to paint your commercial building, there are several other important factors to consider. 1. Customer Service The most important thing you should look for when searching for a contractor to paint your commercial building is a company that understands the value of providing top notch customer service. It’s important to feel like you’ve made the right decision when hiring a painting contractor. If you don't feel good about a contracting...commercial painter painting commercial building interior
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3 Benefits to Waterproofing Your Commercial Building

If you've heard of waterproofing for commercial buildings, you may be curious about what it entails. Commercial waterproofing services look different depending on your building and your provider, but they all share one goal: protect commercial buildings from water and moisture intrusion. It's an ideal way to prevent buildings from suffering unnecessary damage, as well as providing a few unknown benefits. Benefits of Waterproofing Your Commercial Building 1. Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings Waterproofing commercial buildings can help to make them more energy efficient, resulting in cost savings. Buildings that are not waterproofed easily allow moisture inside, which can make temperature changes more frequent and random, causing your utility bill to increase. A waterproofed commercial building will have a more stable climate, resulting in a more consistent, and lower, utility bill. 2. Improved Air Quality Waterproofing...professional painter waterproofing commercial building
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4 Fall Painting Tips to Expertly Paint Your Home

If your house is ready for a new coat of paint this fall, paying close attention to the weather can help you get the most out of your investment. Cool temperatures, strong wind, and other elements of typical fall weather can keep your paint from curing properly, looking its best, and lasting as long as possible. Here are some of the most important things to consider when planning your fall exterior painting project! 1. Paint During Optimal Hours Cooler weather and fewer hours of daylight mean that your ideal window to paint is relatively small. You should plan to paint between approximately 10am and 3pm during the fall months and paying close attention to the forecast can help you choose the best time to work within this range. By beginning on the sunny side of your...home exterior newly repainted by professional painters during autumn
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Corporate Aircraft Hangar

Project Summary This 45,000 square foot airport hangar located at the New Century Airport in Gardner, KS is home to many planes used in testing and researching new aviation products. Due to the flat nature of airport this metal building takes direct sunlight on the East and South elevations for the majority of the day. As a result of years of direct sun exposure, as well as other elements, the prefinished metal siding has begun to break down. The telltale sign that the building needs a new coating is the chalkiness found on the elevations that repeatedly are broken down by UV rays. Project Highlights Location: New Century Airport in Gardner, KSBuilding Type: Metal Building Client Type: CorporateCompletion Date: July 2020 Project Photo Gallery Project Scope This project entailed pressure washing all areas of...
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Medical Suite is Brought back to 2020’s

Project Summary Suite 440 had not seen a tenant for many years, but that could have been in part to the first impression it commonly gave individuals touring it as a viable candidate to move their office to. The office space was configured nicely, and you could tell it was a very nice office over a decade ago. After many individuals coming touring the space, the common consensus was it was outdated and needed a new look to even be considered a viable office option in 2020. The property management company of the medical office building consulted with Major Painting to come up with a way to upgrade the space while still being as cost efficient as possible. The outcome was to repaint all of the walls, ceiling and door jams as well as install new...
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