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5 Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Office

An office remodel is an excellent way to reach your desired aesthetic, boost company morale, and create a more efficient work process. When renovating your office space, there are several things to consider to ensure that your vision aligns with the outcome. Check out these five factors to consider when planning your office remodel. 1. What is the Purpose of the Remodel? Is your remodel to increase efficiencies, gain more space for employees or equipment, or to better align your space with your brand? Knowing the purpose of your remodel can help guide its direction and keep your renovation plans on target. 2. What is Your Budget? When considering your budget, you'll want to account for more than the cost of the renovations. Will the remodel mean temporarily outsourcing projects until the remodel is complete? remodel of commercial office building
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6 Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen

Are you craving a new look for your kitchen, but don't have the energy, budget, or patience needed for a complete remodel? Don't worry! There are several ways to give your kitchen a refreshing new look that do not involve steep budgets or demolition crews. Sometimes, all it takes is a little paint or added detail to achieve the kitchen of your dreams! How to Refresh Your Kitchen Check out these quick and affordable ways to give your kitchen a fresh new look. 1. Add New Lighting Even if you don't feel comfortable replacing lighting fixtures yourself, try adding under cabinet lights that just plug in. They can make a remarkable difference in how well you can see to work at your kitchen counters. 2. Change Out Your Cabinet Hardware You'll be surprised at how cabinets and walls freshly painted by professional painters
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How to Choose the Right Paint Color for Your Medical Office

First impressions set the tone for any business, and that's twice as important for medical offices. Having a welcoming and calming atmosphere is crucial for retaining patients and creating a good work environment for your staff. If it's time for a new paint color in your medical office, check out these four paint color tips to keep in mind. 1. Avoid Negative Choices This may seem like an obvious tip, but the best way to avoid picking the wrong color starts by crossing bad options off your list. Avoid stark white, bright or striking colors, and orange-based hues that can appear sickly or dirty over time. Filter out these negative options so you're left only with good choices. 2. Consider Other Elements in the Room Look at the furniture, artwork, architectural elements, and equipment in whatever...medical-office-freshly-painted-by-professional-painting-contractor
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4 Accent Wall Tips to Spruce Up Your Interior

An accent wall is an interior wall whose design differs from the rest. It could be a different color, shade, texture, or material from the walls around it. Creating an accent wall is one of the easiest ways to breathe life into any drab space and you can achieve this with just a can of paint! Check out these seven accent wall painting and design tips to help spruce up your interior! 1. Choose the Right Wall to Accent When choosing a wall to accent, the general rule of thumb is to choose a wall that is balanced and able to stand alone. Choosing a wall that is too bare or too busy can make the whole room feel unbalanced and disorganized. A textured wall or a wall of windows make for great accent walls. 2....accent wall painted to spruce up interior
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4 Surprising Benefits of Waterproofing Your Home

Waterproofing your home may sound like a value-added task that many people think is optional. After all, their home is still habitable and looks nice regardless of whether it is waterproofed or not. However, waterproofing your home brings several surprising benefits you may not have considered. Check out these four unexpected benefits of waterproofing your home! 1. Avoid Costly Flooding Repairs Statistics from insurance companies show that flooding damages account for 24% of all home insurance claims. As we all know, the more insurance claims you have, the higher your premium. To avoid having to pay a higher premium for your home insurance, lower the risk of water and flooding damages by having your home waterproofed by a professional. 2. Increase the Value of Your Property Waterproofing not only adds a layer of protection to your...professional painter waterproofing home
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