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4 Signs Your Commercial Building Needs Waterproofing Services

Waterproofing is an essential element of your commercial building maintenance. Moisture damage can compromise the structural integrity of your commercial building. It destroys the protective layers of floors and wooden walls and degenerates their fibers, thereby weakening the material. Moisture also causes corrosion and rusting in iron and steel materials. In order to keep your commercial building properly protected, waterproofing services are essential. Keep reading to discover four signs your commercial building is in need of waterproofing services. 1. Mold Growth One of the most prominent signs your building is in need of waterproofing services is the formation of mold on the ceilings, walls, and corners of your building. Mold is brought about by spores and usually appears in places where there is excess moisture. Sights of mold on your building are early signs that it...painter applying waterproof material
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4 Reasons it Might be Time to Remodel Your Commercial Building

If you have observed a decline in business operations and are trying to figure out the reason, a renovation may be all you need to enhance your commercial building. An office remodel is not only a great way to improve business operations, but can also help you take your business in a new direction. Keep reading to discover four reasons why it might be time to renovate your commercial building. 1. Improve Energy Efficiency If you’ve noticed higher than average utility bills, it may be time to consider an office remodel. Revamping outdated HVAC systems, installing solar panels, and using energy-efficient light bulbs are just a few ways to improve your commercial building’s energy efficiency. These green building techniques and energy-efficient facilities are effective ways to reduce utility bills and even attract new and forward-thinking remodel plan for commercial building
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4 Best Paint Colors to Help Increase Sales at Your Retail Store

When it comes to your retail store interior, even the smallest details matter. Did you know that the color of your store can affect the purchase decision of a customer? This phenomenon is called retail color psychology and, if used correctly, can help to improve your retail sales. Keep reading to discover four best paint colors for retail stores to help influence purchasing decisions and how our commercial painters at Major Painting can help. 1. Red Red often brings about a sense of strength or urgency. This makes it an ideal color for selling fitness products or products of comfort. Customers may want to embrace the feelings of strength that red provides or find an escape from the feelings of urgency and risk pushed by the color, motivating them to make a purchase. 2. Green With...retail store interior painted black by professional painters
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5 Places to Use Oil-Based Paint

Are you debating whether or not to use oil-based paint for your next painting project? While latex paint has become a popular option, there are still several advantages to using oil-based paint for certain painting projects. Keep reading to discover five areas where you should be using oil-based paint. 1. Exterior Trim Your home or building’s exterior trim is subject to the various environmental effects of the Midwest and needs the protection that oil-based paint provides. These moisture-resistant paints provide a finish that's hard, durable, and abrasion-resistant. That's just what your trim needs when a storm is lashing your home with torrents of water and flailing tree branches! 2. Doors & Interior Trim Interior doors and trim receive a lot of contact as occupants move throughout your home or building. The hard enamel finish of oil-based...oil-based paint used on kitchen cabinets
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3 Benefits of Using Oil-Based Paint

When it comes to painting projects, you may presume that all you need to do is to choose a fresh shade to get the project up and running. However, the truth is that picking the right paint is just as important. Oil-based paint is and has been a staple among commercial and residential painters, and for good reasons. While latex paint has become preferred for most interior projects, oil-based paint still has its advantages. Keep reading to learn more about oil-based paint and the benefits of using oil-based paint for your painting project. What is Oil-Based Paint? Oil-based paints contain natural oils, like alkyd and linseed. When used, oil-based paint will generally produce a smooth, glossy texture. Some of the areas where you can use oil-based paints include interior and exterior trims, high-moisture rooms like kitchens,...painter using oil-based paint for painting project
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