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4 Signs it is Time to Repaint Your Warehouse

Your warehouse’s paint play a vital role in ensuring proper organization and smooth operations. Due to the frequent traffic and activity most warehouses experience, your interior may require a repaint sooner rather than later. Keep reading to discover a few common signs your warehouse interior needs repainting

workers in a warehouse

1. Deteriorated Floor Markings

If you notice that floor markings in your warehouse are no longer clear or the paint is beginning to crack or peel, it may be time to repaint your warehouse interior. Floor markings help the warehouse team to use the available space efficiently and direct the flow of traffic. They also promote a safe work environment since the team is able to easily identify the walkways and label areas.

2. Water Stains or Mold Growth

Old, flaking, or otherwise deteriorating paint will not offer your building the same amount of protection as a new coat of paint. This can lead to moisture or water damage, water stains, and even mold growth. If you notice any of these elements, it is best to hire a professional industrial painting contractor. They will be able to properly inspect your building for water damage, make the necessary repairs, and efficiently repaint your interior.

3. Corroded or Rusted Surfaces

Rust is among the main issues industrial areas face because of metal components such as siding, racking, steps, and railings. If your metal components are beginning to corrode or rust, it is probably time to schedule a repaint.

4. Overall Condition of the Coating System

Your warehouse’s paint integrity can be compromised due to various elements such as chemicals, humidity, high temperatures, and pollutants. Over time, the coating system will begin deteriorating with visible wear, tear, racks, peelings, and faded colors. It is best to consider repainting the surfaces to prevent further deterioration that could cause more damage and danger within the warehouse. 

Contact Our Experienced Commercial Painters

If you notice any of the above signs in your warehouse, reach out to our industrial interior painters at Major Painting to repaint and keep your warehouse in excellent, functional condition. To learn more about our warehouse interior painting services, or to request a free estimate, contact our team today!