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Advantages of Commercial Waterproofing

Aesthetic appeal is an important part of any commercial property, but it means very little if your building is falling apart behind the pretty façade. A fresh coat of paint will enhance the look of your property, but without proper waterproofing, you are risking the structural integrity of the entire building. If you are still unsure whether waterproofing is worth it, consider the following benefits. Energy Efficiency Over time, your building will develop tiny cracks that allow air and moisture to pass through. As air escapes through these cracks, your HVAC system will struggle to regulate the building’s temperature. It will have to work twice as hard, wasting money and energy. Waterproofing will seal all the cracks, resulting in a more energy-efficient building and a cheaper electric bill. Water Damage Prevention One of the biggest reasons...waterproofing services for commercial buildings
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3 Painting and Design Tips to Help Brighten a Dark Room

When decorating a room, there's little more frustrating than a dark and dreary feel. A dark room can make the space feel smaller and less welcoming. Brightening a room energizes the space and makes it feel bigger and more inviting. Moving around light sources could mean major renovations in the case of fixtures and brightening a room with no windows can seem challenging. However, there are several easy ways to compensate for light and brighten a room. Check out these three tips you can use to brighten your dark room. 1. Choose Lighter Options for the Floor and Ceiling As rooms are designed and decorated, sometimes the floor can be left out of the equation. Often a light wood floor can brighten a room with its natural tone. A vibrant, colorful rug can also bring life...walls painted white to brighten dark room
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Timely Changes to Office Designs for 2021

The events of the past year might have inspired your company to develop a new office design. Now is a great time to rethink your office space, or at least spruce things up. At Major Painting, our team is ready to create a quality office remodel for your business. In addition to professional painters that have won prestigious awards, we also have experienced carpenters that do superior work, get the job done on time, and stay on budget. Comprehensive Capabilities No matter what your project is, our team provides talented carpenters, painters, and designers. It all starts with a free consultation to remodel your commercial space. Our capabilities include the following services: Demolition of the old spaceWall erection for a new lookCommercial painting for a fresh color schemeFlooring to make the space more invitingCabinetry and storage...Copy of HCA Suite 238 After
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How To Maintain the Newly Painted Interiors of Your Building

It’s incredible how much of a difference a fresh coat of paint can make, especially when it is part of a complete design overhaul. The benefits of a new paint job should last far beyond the paint drying. To do so, you must understand how to maintain it.  Choose Professionals Get the job done right the first time. Experienced professionals will use the best paint and the right techniques to ensure your paint job will last. Unprofessional methods and low-quality paint will lead to cracks and peeling, leading you to repaint well before it is time. Add Protection Chances are you're already aware of the things in your building that can damage a paint job. If you want the paint to last as long as possible, there are a few things you can do to space
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Why it’s Critical that Your Painting Contractor Has Carpenters on Staff

Apart from aesthetics, there are several other aspects of painting that any home or commercial building owner wants to achieve. The result should be not only be beautiful but also perfectly safe and long-lasting. While professional painters can successfully achieve an attractive interior or exterior, ensuring your painting contractor has carpenters on staff to ensure a safe and durable structure is essential. Discover why hiring both painting and carpentry contractors is critical to achieving the home or building of your dreams. Drywall Repair and Replacement In order for paint to adhere properly, it’s important to ensure the drywall beneath is in good condition. Painting contractors with carpenters on staff will expertly repair or replace any damaged drywall to achieve a smooth, uniform, and long-lasting paint finish. Wood Rot Repair The results of painting over rotten wood...painting contractor with carpenters on staff
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