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4 Bedroom Paint Colors to Avoid for Quality Sleep

Sleep is key to the rejuvenation and optimal performance of the human body. Did you know that the paint colors you choose for your bedroom walls can have a direct impact on the quality of your sleep?

Colors that make you feel relaxed and calm will certainly help you fall asleep faster. However, some paint colors can cause you to toss and turn throughout the night. To ensure you stay well-rested, check out our breakdown of four bedroom paint colors to avoid for quality sleep.

bedroom interior professionally painted for quality sleep

Worst Paint Colors for Bedroom Walls

Bright colors over-stimulate the body by increasing alertness, which leads to anxiety. On the other hand, dull colors cause negative emotions, sadness, and restlessness. Colors like brown, purple, red, bright yellow, and orange top the list of worst color choices for a bedroom.

1. Brown

Brown is naturally a gloomy color that promotes negative vibes unconsciously. Hence, the color can make you feel restless instead of sleepy. While beige and other light brown shades can add a sense of warmth, darker shades of brown are best to avoid for bedroom walls.

2. Bright Yellow

Bright sunny shades stimulate the senses and can do the opposite of helping you to wind down in the evening. While small areas of muted yellow shades can help you start your day, too much of bright, vibrant yellow paint in the bedroom can be a major contributing factor to a lack of sleep.

3. Red

Bright or rich shades of red promote brain activity and can evoke feelings of excitement or anger. Too much red in your bedroom can increase your heart rate and cause you to become more alert, which can make falling asleep a struggle.

4. Purple

With red undertones, bright shades of purple can also increase your energy levels and alertness, leading to a poor quality of sleep. However, softer, pastel shades of purple can actually promote sleep.

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