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What Color Should I Paint My Bedroom?

Painting your bedroom is an excellent way to create a restful atmosphere that will serve as a retreat from the hassles of the day. If you’re thinking about painting your bedroom, keep these three tips in mind while you decide which colors are best for your space.

What Color Should I Paint My Bedroom

Choosing a color for relaxation:

Typically, mild colors such as blue and lavender will create a sense of peace in a bedroom. Another relaxing choice is to design a nature-inspired color palate based on neutral greens, browns, and tans. This will create a soothing atmosphere that has just a hint of vibrancy.

Choosing a color for a sense of space:

If you have a small bedroom, you’ll be happy to know that choosing a light color scheme can help your space look larger. Light colors such as off-white, light blue, and mild peach will all add a sense of brightness to the room. If you want to create a bolder visual effect without sacrificing the sense of space, try adding an accent wall that’s darker than the other three walls.

Choosing a color for temperature:

You probably know this instinctively, but warm colors create a feeling of warmth in a room, whereas cool colors are calming and relaxing. If you live in a cold climate and want to add a sense of warmth and energy to your room, consider choosing mild shades of pink, burnt orange, or light yellow for your bedroom. Conversely, if you want to cool down in your room, go with shades of blue or lavender.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about how to choose the right paint color for your home or business!

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