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waterproofing services applied to to a commercial building waterproofing services applied to to a commercial building

Waterproofing Services for Commercial Buildings

Commercial waterproofing services can include a vast array of products and solutions, but regardless of which product is used the end goal is always the same. The ultimate goal is to apply or install a product that protects the commercial building from experiencing water or moisture intrusion that could end up damaging the existing building’s materials and, if left unnoticed for long enough, lead to the compromise of the commercial building’s structural integrity.

Without proper proactive maintenance, it is common for commercial buildings to experience some type of moisture intrusion that could have otherwise been prevented. In most cases, a proactive, on-going maintenance routine is affordable and results in saving a commercial building owner money and frustrations over the term of ownership.

Check out the commercial waterproofing projects on this page that we have completed for our clients in the Kansas City area. If you are interested in learning if waterproofing services are right for your commercial building, contact us for a complimentary consultation.

waterproofing coatings applied on a commercial building

An Elastomeric coating was applied to this CMU block elevation to prevent moisture intrusion.

Why Waterproof Your Building?

Benefits of Commercial Waterproofing

With a properly sealed and waterproofed structure, building owners and tenants enjoy the following benefits:

  • Sense of security knowing the building is protected

  • Proper expansion and contraction or breathability of the building

  • Preservation of the building’s structural integrity

  • Maximization of the building’s energy efficiency

  • Prevention of water intrusion, minimizing damage to interior building materials

  • Improved interior air quality due to the prevention of mold and mildew

after commercial exterior painting completed
after waterproofing paint applied

Two coats of an elastomeric coating were applied to this brick elevation to waterproof the elevation. Another benefit of the coating is an aesthetically pleasing look!

Benefits of Waterproofing

Our Waterproofing Specialties

While there are an assortment of substrates and areas that may require waterproofing services on your commercial building, Major Painting specializes in the following:

Vertical Masonry Cleaning

Over the years, buildings with porous exterior masonry substrates become susceptible to contaminates in our air and build up on the masonry substrate as it’s often porous and easy to adhere to.

Some common contaminant examples are carbon, mildew, atmospheric dirt, and rust. These contaminates are removed to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing appearance of the building as well as increased safety of its inhabitants.

Cleaning the substrate is a mandatory first step when it comes to properly sealing or waterproofing the building. There are a number of hard surface cleaners on the market which can easily cause confusion. Please contact Major Painting to schedule a site visit to advise regarding which masonry surface cleaners and methods are best for your building situation.

Vertical Masonry Sealing and Waterproofing

Exterior vertical masonry substrates can be sealed or waterproofed by using clear water repellants or coatings. These sealers and coatings offer different benefits, and, as a result, it’s very important to express and review the performance you’re expecting from these products for your building.

Clear sealers are often used when trying to preserve the brick aesthetics of the building while keeping light to medium water out. Whereas coatings may be used when trying to change the appearance of the building and keep light water out. Both products have specific pros and cons, and our team at Major Painting will make sure we consult and understand what the end users’ performance expectations are to determine the best strategy.

Vertical Expansion Joint Caulking

Expansion joints are an essential part of your building as they allow your building to expand and contract without damaging the concrete slabs on either side of them. To learn more, please visit the caulking page on our website.

Horizontal Sealing and Waterproofing

Looking to prolong the life of your concrete parking lots, dock areas, or sidewalks, as well as defer the expensive concrete replacement costs? Let us help you get the most out of your concrete by applying breathable sealers that penetrate your horizontal concrete surfaces, sealing it from the inside out. These sealers are great when it comes to pro-longing the life of the concrete because they minimize the ability of harmful elements, such as salt and water, that lay on your concrete and break it down over time. If these harmful elements penetrate your concrete, it leads to rusting of your interior rebar, eventually leading to cracking and spalling that allow more penetration of these elements, inevitably leading to a total replacement of the concrete.

Horizontal Expansion Joint Caulking

Similar to vertical expansion joints, horizontal expansion joints are designed to allow for the concrete slabs to move without damaging each other. We have a number of products that are great for theses horizontal expansion joints. Please reach out to the team and Major Painting to review your project and find the best product solution for your scenario.

Waterproofing Specialties

Start Waterproofing with Major Painting

If you’re interested in receiving a free quote for your next waterproofing project, or simply want to learn more about what we offer, feel free to contact our waterproofing experts at Major Painting.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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