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Residential Wood Rot Repair Carpentry Contractors in Kansas City

When visiting homes to provide homeowners estimates on their exterior painting projects in Kansas City and the surrounding metros, over 75% of the homes we inspect have some sort of issue with wood rot or damaged wood. When it comes to painting a house, it’s very important to make sure the substrate is structurally sound prior to applying paint since paint acts as an agent to protect whatever it is applied over from the exterior elements. Therefore, if the substrate (wood siding, wood trim, EIFS, Stucco, etc.) is not functioning the way it was meant to, the paint is not going to offer it the protection it otherwise could. While it’s important to repair and replace wood rot as it pops up, it’s extremely important to make sure it’s addressed before applying fresh paint to your home.

wood rot on house siding that needs repair

Understanding Wood Rot's Cause and Repair Options

Major Painting, located in Lee’s Summit, can help you identify and repair wood rot, as well as minimize future wood rot occurrences. But first, it’s important to understand what wood rot is and the overall impact it can have on your home.

Our Wood Rot Repair Services in Lee’s Summit

Repairing your wood rot is a critical component to preserving the life and structural soundness of your home. Additionally, for proper paint adhesion, it’s critical that wood rot is properly addressed prior to repainting any wood surface.

From repairing siding to replacing fascia boards, our professional painters and carpenters at Major Painting can assist with all your wood rot repairs. When possible, we will also provide recommendations on what may have caused the wood rot and what you can do to reduce the changes of wood rot reoccurrence.

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If you suspect there may be wood rot repair on your home, remember that waiting can compound the effect. To get a free quote on wood rot repair in Kansas City, contact our painting and carpentry experts today!

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