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Commercial Painting Services


Painting Businesses in the Kansas City Metro Area

The commercial painting market is broad but unique, making it essential that you choose the most qualified commercial painting contractor. For the last 25 years, Major Painting has continued to expand into the commercial market by continuing to train its employees in safety practices and policies, allowing them to service local and regional banks, property managers, churches, and many more. With over 25 years of experience in the commercial painting sector, Major Painting specializes and perfected the art of commercial repaints.

At Major Painting, we are proud to offer our efficient, professional painting service to businesses in the Greater Kansas City Metro area. We are adept in both interior and exterior projects and will work with you to establish an appropriate time frame that minimizes the disruption to your daily operations.


Although Major Painting specializes in painitng, over the last decade, the company has expanded its services to better fit their clients needs. Major Painting's services include:


Paintings Sevices Include:Commercial Painting using Spray Gun

- Interior / Exterior Painting

- Warehouse Floor Painting

- Powerwashing Caulking

- Priming

- Staining





Commercial Expansion Joint Caulking                        Caulking and Waterproofing:

- Vertical Expansion Joints

        - Horizontal Compression Joints

                                                                                 - Waterproofing






Small Tenant Improvements:Office Space Tenant Finish

- Door Replacement, Movement, & Installation

- Acoustic Ceiling Repair & Replacement

- Demising Wall Installation

- Window Replacement

- Carpeting & Tile

- Drywall Repair

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