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warehouse building after painting completed warehouse building after painting completed

Commercial Painting, Carpentry, and Remodel Services for Warehouses

When it comes to your warehouse, ensuring your building is structurally sound, clean, and designed for efficiency is critical for its continued success. At Major Painting, our knowledgeable team of commercial warehouse painters and commercial carpenters know the importance of a safe and fully-functioning warehouse and strive to provide you and your warehouse building with unmatched painting, remodeling, and carpentry services.

Our Painting and Carpentry Services for Warehouses

With our commercial interior and exterior painting, as well as numerous complementary carpentry services, our skilled exterior and interior warehouse painters and commercial carpenters at Major Painting have the knowledge and capabilities to help keep your warehouse clean, functional, and fully protected. Our services for warehouse include the following:

Exterior Painting

A quality coat of paint is essential in keeping your industrial warehouse protected. At Major Painting, our commercial exterior painters know the importance of a robust and lasting exterior in order to keep your warehouse functioning as it should and protected from the elements. To learn more about our exterior painting services for warehouses in Kansas City, check out our Commercial Exterior Painting page!

Interior Painting

Though easily overlooked, a clean, high-quality interior paint job is equally as important as the exterior when it comes to your warehouse. A fresh coat of paint for your warehouse building’s interior not only offers structural protection, it’s also an excellent way to create a sense of organization and productivity. At Major Painting, our commercial interior painters can help you achieve a clean, safe, and coordinated interior for your warehouse. To learn more about our commercial interior painting services, check out our Commercial Interior Painting page!


Along with our commercial interior painting services, our flooring contractors provide quality flooring installation services for durable flooring that meets your business’ needs. Our warehouse painters can even paint your warehouse floor to outline procedures, safety zones, and more. Having clearly updated zone lines can be the difference between efficiency and potential accidents. For more information about our warehouse flooring installation and painting services, visit our Commercial Flooring page!


If you’re in need of more storage space, or your flex warehouse’s current floorplan and layout is disorganized and inefficient, it might be time to consider remodeling your warehouse building. At Major Painting, our expert commercial carpenters can help you create an organized, functional warehouse space in a timely and efficient manner with minimal impact on production! To learn more about our commercial remodeling services, contact us today!


In order to protect your warehouse and its stored contents from harmful environmental effects such as water damage, as well as provide better insulation, ensuring your building’s expansion joints are properly caulked is crucial. At Major Painting, our skilled commercial carpenters can repair your warehouse’s joint caulking to ensure your building is airtight and fully protected. For more information regarding our commercial caulking services, check out our Caulking page!


In Kansas City, the ever-changing temperatures and weather conditions can wreak havoc on your warehouses. To ensure your warehouse and its contents are well-protected, as well as reap the many benefits of commercial waterproofing, consider our commercial waterproofing services. At Major Painting, our expert commercial painters will ensure your warehouse is airtight, properly sealed, and thoroughly protected. To learn more about our commercial waterproofing services, check out our Waterproofing page!

Remodel and Painting Services for Warehouse Buildings

Common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About How We Can Help Maintain and Protect Warehouse Buildings

What size of warehouses can Major Painting support?

With our experienced commercial painters and commercial carpenters at Major Painting, we have the capabilities and equipment to support warehouses of all sizes, from flex warehouses to larger manufacturing buildings.

I own a distribution warehouse that runs time-sensitive distribution all day, can you still provide painting services?

Yes! At Major Painting, we can provide after-hours painting upon request. Due to overtime rates, you will see a slight price increase. For more information about our after-hours painting services and rates, contact us today!

Our fulfillment center utilizes painted safety lines on our building’s floor. Can your team update or modify safety lines as needed?

Absolutely! At Major Painting, our skilled commercial interior painters will make sure your warehouse floor is expertly painted to help ensure your team’s safety and your building’s organization and efficiency.

Is warehouse/industrial painting the same as commercial painting?

Great question! While warehouses and light industrial buildings can be considered a type of commercial building, warehouses and other industrial buildings often require more specialized painting services. To learn more about industrial painting and how our warehouse painters are qualified to help you with your industrial painting project, check out our How to Choose an Industrial Painter page!


Contact Us for Your Warehouse’s Painting and Carpentry Needs

At Major Painting, our commercial painters and commercial carpenters strive to provide our customers with high quality painting and carpentry services for their warehouses, as well as other light industrial buildings . To learn more about our services for warehouses, or to request a free estimate, contact us today! We look forward to serving you!

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