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office remodel services showing a renovated break room office remodel services showing a renovated break room

Office Remodel Service for Kansas City Businesses

At Major Painting, our office remodel service provides each of our customers with the services they need to re-design their office space, commercial building, flex warehouse, industrial building, or tenant space. Our commercial carpentry contractors can perform a comprehensive office remodel including demolition, wall erection, flooring, painting, mechanical work, and more.

As a part of our office remodel service, we provide professional and experienced commercial carpenters to get the job done right and on budget. We strive to partner with small business owners, property managers, and facility managers, that are looking for a quality office remodel service in the Greater Kansas City area. Feel free to learn more about each of our office remodel capabilities below or contact us to schedule a free consultation for your commercial space.


Demolition is one of our capabilities through our office remodel service that helps in the removal of existing walls, doors, casework, and more. Carefully planned demolition can help to maximize the space you have and provide optimal workspace for your business.

Commercial Painting

Commercial painting is one of our capabilities through our office remodel service that helps to re-design and redefine your workspace and business. If you want to “revamp” the look of your workspace, our commercial painters can provide an efficient and effective new look.


Flooring is a critical element of our office remodel service that can help keep your workspace more practical for everyday use and foot-traffic. New flooring can help to make your workspace more inviting to customers and employees alike.

Cabinetry and Storage

Cabinetry and Storage – Our painters can repaint or refinish existing cabinetry or built-in storage to cohesively match the new look of your office space. Alternatively, if you’re looking for new cabinetry or built-in storage solutions, our commercial carpenters can provide options and recommendations.

Wall Erection

Wall erection provides our customers with the ability to create or re-build walls as necessary. Wall erection is useful for re-configuring your office space for the sake of creating the most efficient and functional workspace for your team.

Mechanical Work

Mechanical work provides our customers with an efficient and reliable business environment. Mechanical work can benefit your business if you need help installing or re-configuring a new HVAC system, refrigeration, piping, plumbing, or more.

Ceiling Work

Ceiling work provides our customers with the opportunity to implement a more efficient ceiling for their workspace. Whether you need drop ceiling tiles so HVAC technicians or network technicians can easily access your systems or a drywall ceiling, our carpentry contractors can help.

Additional Capabilities

Additional office remodel capabilities help each of our customers by providing them with the office remodel service they need to create a better working environment. If you are interested in learning more about our additional capabilities, please contact our commercial carpentry contractors today.

Our Office Remodel Capabilities

Customers We Serve Through Our Office Remodel Service

Through our office remodel service, we can create a functional and fresh new look for all types of commercial buildings. Typically, we focus on the smaller tenant finish projects because we are able to provide our clients with quick, competitive pricing as well as mobilize for the job quickly as most of the project is performed by our in-house team.

In comparison, most large general contractors will not typically entertain smaller office remodel projects, or they come in over-priced, due to their standard process of outsourcing the fulfillment to various subcontractors.

We ensure a quality office remodel service to our customers since the majority of our capabilities are performed by our in-house carpentry contractors.

Additionally, as a licensed Class A general contractor, we can provide professional office remodel capabilities whether you need a small tenant finish project completed or a large commercial build-out. At Major Painting, we provide a quality office remodel to each of our business owners, property managers, and facility managers. If you are interested in learning more about our office remodel service, please contact us today.

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Our Remodeling Difference

FAQs About Our Office Remodel Service

What is the first step I should take if I am interested in your office remodel service?

The first step you should take is to call us and schedule a free consultation, which includes a walk of the space and discussion on what is expected for the remodeling project. After the initial appointment, we will formulate a preliminary estimate. If the estimate fits within your budget, we would typically meet again to finalize all the details of the project and provide a formal quote.

How long can an office remodel take?

An average sized cosmetic upgrade project (carpet, paint, small carpentry tasks) ranges anywhere from a week to a month for averaged sized spaces. A complete build-out of a space can range anywhere from 45-90+ days.

How disruptive is an office remodel to a business’ operations?

At Major Painting, we do our best to work around business operations and minimize any disruptions. Before the project starts, we will coordinate a schedule and discuss the logistics of the project. We offer to work during and after business hours to accommodate each client.

Do I need an interior designer as well to help with the office remodel project?

When it comes to our office remodel service, we can provide a finishes consultation to help you make decisions on flooring, paint, etc., so there is often no requirement to have an interior designer. However, if you would like to hire an interior designer, we ask that communication is directly between you and the interior designer, and then you relay the information to us. With direct communication between our client and our team, we can ensure nothing is getting mixed up between different parties, which will result in a quality office remodel implemented to your specific requirements.

How does your quality compare to other companies that offer office remodels?

At Major Painting, we provide an exceptional office remodel service because we want the best for our customers. Quality is very important to us, and we have professional carpentry contractors with the experience and skills to prove that. To also maintain high-quality work, our project managers communicate effectively with each client to ensure they are up to date on how the office remodel is going. So, to answer your question, compared to other companies that offer an office remodel service, we provide high-quality work, outstanding customer service, and effective communication to ensure the office remodel is completed effectively and efficiently for each of our clients.


Office Remodel Testimonials

  • "We recently used Major Painting on a few medical office suite refreshes that were outdated by decades. Major Painting came in with strong, competitive bids against our longtime regular contractors we have used for years. In the past, Chase and his team have always provided exceptional service and results for painting projects, so I was looking forward to expanding our experience, and as usual, they did not disappoint. His team worked during and outside of business hours with minimal disruption. The spaces were completed early and the tenants were able to move in on time. We couldn’t have asked for better results. We recommend Major Painting for office remodels without reservation."

    - Sarabeth S., 15+ years Commercial Property Manager
  • "I would like to take some time to say thank you for satisfactory job done on our recent tenant improvement project. This was our first time using Major Painting for this type of work and their bid was very thorough and competitive. The job was completed to meet our very high expectations and done in a convenient timeframe. We’ve worked with a number of construction companies on various tenant improvement projects and my experience with Major Painting stood out due to their professionalism, communication skills and quality service. Our client could not be more pleased with the outcome. I would recommend Major Painting to anyone!"

    - Shannen O., Property Manager
  • "Chase and Major Painting have been great partners when it comes to TI projects. I call them for the small and large projects—they have been great at both!"

    - Tim D., 10+ years Commercial Property Manager

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