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residential home in Lee's Summit after waterproofing residential home in Lee's Summit after waterproofing

Residential Waterproofing Services in Lee's Summit, MO

While a high-quality paint job does wonders in improving the look and integrity of your home, waterproofing services are also essential in order to keep your home in great condition. At Major Painting, the ultimate goal of our waterproofing services is to keep your home protected from water or moisture intrusion that could potentially cause extensive damage to your home’s structural integrity.

Benefits of Residential Waterproofing

A properly sealed and waterproofed home can provide homeowners with many benefits such as:

  • Sense of security knowing your home is protected

  • Preservation of your home’s structural integrity

  • Maximization of your home’s energy efficiency

  • Prevention of water intrusion, minimizing damage to your home’s interior

  • Improved interior air quality due to the prevention of mold and mildew

Residential Waterproofing Services

Our Waterproofing Specialties

At Major Painting, our waterproofing experts specialize in the following residential waterproofing services.

Vertical Masonry Cleaning

When it comes to properly sealing and waterproofing your home, cleaning the substrate is a mandatory first step. Over the years, houses with porous exterior masonry substrates can become more susceptible to contaminates in the air, such as carbon, mildew, atmospheric dirt, and rust. Because masonry is often porous and easy to adhere to, these contaminates can easily build up on the substrate. At Major Painting, our waterproofing experts will remove these contaminates to provide you with a safer and more aesthetically pleasing home.

Vertical Masonry Sealing and Waterproofing

For houses with exterior vertical masonry substrates, clear water repellants or coatings can be used to seal or waterproof your home. As these sealers and coatings offer different benefits, it is very important to express and review the performance you’re expecting from these products for your home. With our waterproofing services, our knowledgeable team at Major Painting will ensure we consult and understand your performance expectations to determine the best strategy.

Horizontal Sealing and Waterproofing

Over time, harmful elements such as salt and water can penetrate your concrete, leading to rusting of your interior rebar, cracking of the concrete surface, and potentially total concrete replacement. At Major Painting, our waterproofing experts will apply breathable sealers, sealing your concrete surfaces from the inside out, to help you get the most out of your driveway, sidewalks, patio, or other concrete surfaces.

Waterproofing Specialties

Residential Waterproofing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much do you charge for residential waterproofing services?

There are numerous complex aspects to consider when estimating waterproofing services which makes it a requirement to have one of our estimators come to your home to do an initial walkthrough. However, at Major Painting, we always strive to provide top quality services at affordable prices. To request a free estimate for your home project, contact us today!

How will I know which waterproofing product(s) I need?

At Major Painting, our knowledgeable team will discuss with you your specific project and expectations in order to determine the best strategy and necessary products for waterproofing your home. To request a free quote and review of your project, contact us today!


Our Residential Waterproofing Services in Lee’s Summit, MO

In order to ensure its structural integrity, it is critical to waterproof your home. At Major Painting, we provide our customers in Kansas City and the surrounding metro areas with expert waterproofing services. To learn more about our waterproofing services, or to request a free estimate for your next project, contact our waterproofing experts at Major Painting today!

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