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4 Interior Painting Tips for Rental Properties

Adding a fresh coat of paint to the interior of your residential property is a cost-effective way to spruce up the place for new tenants. Check out these four painting tips to consider when painting the interior of your rental property so the process goes as smoothly as possible. 1. Avoid Bold Colors Not everyone has the same taste when it comes to interior design. In order to attract tenants from various walks of life, it is best to avoid using bright and bold paint colors when painting your rental property interior. Potential tenants want to see themselves in a new place and a neutral color scheme makes that much easier for them to do. 2. Choose a Durable Paint Finish When you purchase interior paint for your rental property, you can choose from many finish...rental property interior professionally painted
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4 Best Paint Colors for Your Hotel Interior

Hotels are supposed to be a calm and relaxing retreat away from home which is why much consideration should be taken when choosing paint colors for your hotel’s rooms. Along with the right color, it is also important to think about upkeep. Considering people are coming and going constantly, it is essential to choose paint colors that will be fairly easy to maintain and touchup when necessary. With these considerations in mind, check out four of the best paint colors for hotel interiors. 1. Classic White A classic white paint color has many benefits. First, it's easy to maintain; touchups and repairs are a snap to a basic white wall. Plus, a lighter color like white can make any room feel bigger, brighter, airy and spacious. White is also a great color to pair with any...hotel interior professionally painted by commercial painters
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3 Exterior Paint Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Building in Great Condition

Painting the exterior of your building not only helps to improve its aesthetics, paint is also an excellent way to protect your building from exterior elements. Paint is a protective coating and helps to prevent occurrences of wood rot and overall weathering. However, in order for your building’s exterior paint job to continue to serve its purpose, regular maintenance is required. Unfortunately, many buildings don't get the maintenance their exterior paint needs. Over time, this can cause problems. To counteract this possibility, check out these maintenance tips to help keep your building in great condition. Exterior Paint Performance Painting has both functional and aesthetic values. Some are immediate, such as improving the curb appeal and value of the property. Others accumulate as cost-saving measures over time. One major benefit is the protection against the elements. Paint...commercial painter pressure washing building
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3 Types of Wood Rot and What Each Mean for Your Building

Wood is by far the most commonly used building material all over the world. For all the benefits of building with it, however, wood doesn't stand up well to water and other types of moisture. Consistent moisture creates an ideal environment for destructive fungi, and this combination causes wood to rot, or decay. Rot can cause a great deal of damage to the wood, typically affecting it from the inside out, compromising its structural integrity and weakening it more and more over time. Interestingly, not all wood rot is created equal. In fact, there are several types of wood rot. The most common are brown rot, white rot, and soft rot, and each of them affects wood differently. 1. Brown Rot This common type of rot is often called "dry rot" because the wood is depleted...wood rot on commercial building
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3 Reasons Hiring a Commercial Carpenter Can Improve Your Building

Commercial buildings need regular attention in order to remain safe, functional, and looking their best. Commercial carpenters can perform dozens of minor repairs and upgrades to help property managers keep buildings attractive to current and future tenants. 1. Attract Potential New Tenants Since businesses do not always stay in the same rental unit forever, many building owners are always searching for their next tenant. For this reason, diligent owners know that keeping their properties in good repair is a must in order to always look their best for potential new tenants. Carelessly overlooking minor repairs that could be completed in a short amount of time by a skilled commercial carpenter can paint the property and the owner in a negative light, which can be a turnoff to many potential tenants who are searching for a space...commercial building recently painted and remodeled by commercial carpenters
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