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4 Reasons to Repaint Condos and Apartment Complexes

A critical role of condo and apartment complex owners and property managers includes the repainting of their facilities. We know this can seem like a daunting task, especially for property managers, when repainting requires coordinating with tenants and ensuring a professional finish. Keep reading to check out a few reasons for this needed task and how our professional painters can help.

professionally repainted apartment building

Reasons for Repainting

There are at least four primary reasons related to the need for regular repainting of condo and apartment facilities including:

  1. Protection Against Corrosion. Paint provides the first line of defense against rust, corrosion, rot, and wear of structural elements of the complex. Exposure to elements like UV rays, wind, rain, humidity, snow, and ice wears down the highest quality of paint and coatings over time, causing costly damage to the structure of the complex.
  2. Upgrading Appearance and Value. When it comes time to show a property to a potential buyer or renter, a more attractive appearance helps add to the value of the property. This allows for higher sales or rental prices.
  3. Improving Brand Recognition. Owners and managers who have multiple complexes are able to better promote their brand with greater clarity through sharper, freshly painted facilities.
  4. Local Building Codes. In some cases, local building codes and city ordinances require repainting on a frequent basis in order to remain in compliance.

Coordinate Painting with Tenants

Coordinating with tenants in order to complete painting can be a challenge. One of the first tips to keep in mind is to provide plenty of advance notice (two to three weeks) concerning dates when painting will take place. To decrease exposure to drying paint or encumbering tenant movement through the complex, it is best to complete painting during least active hours. We suggest repainting unit interiors every time there is a change of tenants or on an annual basis.

Ensuring a Professional Job

For consistency throughout the complex, it is best to hire painting professionals with the resources to meet the unique needs of your complex. Resources for a professional job should include high-quality paint, the right equipment to safely access all surfaces, and personnel with the experience and expertise to provide a professional finish.

At Major Painting, we strive to meet that criteria and provide your building with a fresh, rejuvenated look. To learn more about our professional commercial painting services, or to request an estimate, contact us today.