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5 Exterior Painting Hacks to Help You Paint Like a Pro

Exterior house painting helps to enhance aesthetics, protect the surface from natural elements, and increase the value of your property. However, exterior painting is a huge job and mistakes can be costly, especially if you are doing it yourself. For the best results and to enjoy the benefits associated with a great paint job, it’s important to ensure that things are done right. Check out these five exterior painting tips to help you paint like a pro!

painter painting home exterior from the top down

1. Choose the Right Time

Temperature and humidity will affect the quality of your paint job. As such, you should choose the best time to do the project. Generally, fall and spring make for the best time to paint the exterior of your home. The weather is mild, with minimal rainfall and temperature fluctuations. This allows paint to adhere to the surface and cure properly.

2. Know Your Roller Nap

The nap of your roller will affect how well you can spread paint and cover your surface. In order to achieve the desired finish, make sure you choose the right roller nap size for the job. Longer naps can absorb, hold and apply more paint. For a smooth finish, choose a long nap when painting a rough surface and a shorter nap for smoother surfaces.

3. Scrape and Sand Before Washing

To ensure your paint job is a success, it’s essential to prepare your surface before applying paint. Part of this involves scraping, sanding, and cleaning the surface thoroughly. It is important to scrape and sand before washing your house. This way, you will get rid of any dust/debris that could prevent the paint from bonding properly and ensure a level, smooth painting surface.

4. Cover Your Plants, Car, and Exterior Light Fixtures

For professional results, focus on minimizing the mess when painting the exterior of your house. Loosely cover any nearby plants to protect them from paint. Similarly, cover your car to protect its paintwork from paint spray. Lastly, cover your doors, windows and light fixtures to ensure neat paint application.

5. Paint From the Top Down

When it comes to applying paint on your home’s exterior, work in sections and paint from the top down. That way, you will be in a better position to keep unwanted paint drips and splatters to a minimum, something that will go a long way in achieving a quality finished project.

Contact Our Professional Exterior Painters

If your home’s exterior is in need of a fresh coat of paint and you are unsure where to begin, consider leaving the job to the professionals. At Major Painting, our skilled residential exterior painters can keep your home looking its absolute best. To learn more about our residential exterior painting services, or to request a free estimate, contact us today!

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