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5 Exterior Items to Paint to Add Curb Appeal

Spring is just around the corner, and many home improvement projects will start up. When considering your home's curb appeal, it's tempting to call your local landscaper for a few updates around your house, but you'll miss out on another aspect of curb appeal: paint on the building itself. Paint is an easy, cost-efficient, and creative way to beautify and even increase the value of your home. Here are just 5 things you can paint to add to your home's exterior style.

front view of house in neighborhood


Chances are, because the fence is on the outer proximity of your home, it's one of the very first things people will see when they drive up your street or pull into your driveway. If the paint on your fencing is peeling or faded, add a fresh coat to add some curb appeal.


Whether you repaint your door the same color or add a new, bold color, painting your door will be paramount when it comes to curb appeal. While replacing the door altogether can be a pain and expensive, a fresh coat of paint is a revitalizing alternative.

Porch Floors

If you have a little entryway or a little porch that leads up to your steps, painting it will draw good attention. You have options of brilliant accent solids or even stencils to add more depth to your porch. Painting tends to work better with wood or concrete materials, but if you have another material, ask a professional painter what steps are necessary to prepare your porch.


Both decorative and functional shutters are great ways to enhance the beauty of your home. Adding strategically colored shutters or refreshing their paint can bring out their stylistic uniqueness. Remember, these shutters go through a lot between the sun and heat in summer months to sleet, snow, and ice in the winter months. They can get pretty beat up, so a refreshing new coat of paint will bring them new life.

The Building Itself

Painting the building itself is one of the best ways to add curb appeal. Don't be afraid to wander away from those more neutral colors like white or tan either, if your local regulations allow. Adding something like a charcoal gray can really impact the way your home looks from the street, and it will separate your building from all the other uniform ones.

For more information on painting, curb appeal, or if you're looking for expert painters your home's next project for exterior or interior paint jobs, contact us today!

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