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5 Colors to Avoid When Painting Your Office

Your office paint colors can be a major influence for your work environment. However, not every office is the same and colors that boost productivity in one office may not have the same results in another. Therefore, finding the proper colors for your particular office model and setting is important. However, there are a few paint colors that are usually best to avoid for office interiors. Keep reading to discover five colors to avoid using in an office setting.

office interior painted with professional and motivating paint colors

1. White

Many offices use white paint, thinking that it creates a professional and tidy workplace. However, too much white can be detrimental to your office design and employee morale. It can portray your office as boring and sterile. Employees can also experience a creative block and feel drained of inspiration and energy.

As far as office paint goes, white may be the worst option if you want a creative and productive office. Instead, try incorporating white in small doses in combination with other colors.

2. Red

While some hints of red in the office can stimulate energy and motivate employees, an overwhelming amount of red paint can cause over-stimulation and agitation. Therefore, it is best to use it sparingly and rarely as the predominant color in the office.

3. Yellow

A bit of yellow paint on the office walls can bring energy into the space. Yellow is often associated as a "happy" color, making it seem like the smart option to energize employees. However, too much of it can cause stress and anxiety and can also raise tempers in the workspace.

4. Gray

Gray is naturally a moody color and can be depressing and suppressive. While varying shades of gray can make for a professional, organized setting, too much of the same shade can cause your office to feel sterile and unmotivating.

5. Lime

Accents of bright green also seem like great color options for work environments that demand creativity. However, too much of this color can make it difficult for employees to concentrate. You'll want to go light when using lime color on your walls to avoid productivity loss.

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