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Painting vs. Replacing Aluminum Siding

When it comes to building a home, aluminum siding has been a popular option for many homeowners since the 1940s. With its numerous benefits, it is very easy to see why it's still popular to date. However, when aluminum siding becomes old and discolored, it can be difficult to determine whether the siding should be painted or replaced. Keep reading to discover whether you should paint or replace your aluminum siding.

professionally painted aluminum siding on house exterior

What is Aluminum Siding?

Aluminum siding is siding made from aluminum coil stock. It is coated with a chemical to protect the metal and then painted. The siding is baked for durability, and an enamel can be added to create desired textures.

Aluminum is significantly superior to wood in terms of insulation, fire safety, and termite resistance since it doesn't decay, doesn't break off in high winds, and can be correctly constructed.

To Paint or Replace

While damaged aluminum siding may need to be replaced, if your siding is still intact and you’re simply looking for an updated look, painting your aluminum siding is an excellent, less expensive option.

How to Paint Aluminum Siding

To ensure a job well done, learn how to properly repaint your aluminum siding following the steps below:

1. Clean Your Siding

For a nice and smooth finish, it is important to ensure that your siding is properly cleaned before painting. Cleaning and prepping the surface of the siding removes any particles and imperfections that may cause paint adhesion issues.

2. Remove Chalking

After cleaning the siding, you will need to remove any loose paint chalking on the paintable surface with a scrubbing brush or abrasive sponge. Painting over chalking residue can lead to a poor quality finish that might peel off within a very short time.

3. Prime the Surface

Next, it is essential to prime the siding. Priming aluminum siding not only helps to create an even painting surface, but it also helps to prevent chalky oxidation from occurring under the paint.

4. Paint Your Siding

After the primer has dried completely, it is time to start painting! To prevent uneven spots and create a perfect finish, we recommend using an airless sprayer to paint aluminum siding.

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