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Pros and Cons: Painted vs. Stained Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets come in all shapes and sizes, but every person will notice the finish. When finishing cabinets, a homeowner needs to choose between painted or stained. Both stained and painted cabinets will look fantastic in the kitchen but deciding on the right one for your home can be a difficult choice. Let's look at the perks and pitfalls of both finishes.

kitchen with white painted cabinets

Pros of Painted Cabinets

  1. Offers clean/smooth aesthetic: Paint covers all character marks common to stained woods, leaving a smooth and flawless finish. If you desire a crisp kitchen design, then painted cabinetry is the way to follow.
  2. More color options: The paint showcases any hue you wish to get on your cabinet. You can customize the look of your kitchen to suit any preference.
  3. Hides grains and imperfections: Normal wood has imperfections that you can hide creatively with paint. Paint fills imperfections, making it nearly impossible to detect them.

Cons of Painted Cabinets

  1. Tends to cost more: Painting cabinets may not be affordable for all homeowners. Whether you are repainting cabinets or starting with pre-painted cabinets, costs will vary.
  2. Harder to touch-up: Touching-up paint can be tricky. In most cases, you may not know the exact color of the cabinet.

Pros of Stained Cabinets

  1. Easy to touch-up: You can find several stained touch-up markers on the market. The touch-ups will blend better on stained cabinets.
  2. Costs less: Stained cabinets generally cost less than painted ones, though they can be costly if customized.
  3. Balances color and texture: Stain strikes a balance between texture and color. Since it's thinner than paint, you can still admire the wood's distinctive features.

Cons of Stained Cabinets

  1. Highlights imperfections: While some call the imperfections character, others may call them blemishes. Stain allows every distinct wood feature to show.
  2. Fewer color options: Stain comes in more limited color options than paint will provide. A homeowner may not prefer the stain options that work well with their specific cabinets.

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