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5 Reasons You Should NOT Wait to Repaint the Exterior of Your House

When is the last time you had your home's exterior repainted? If it has been a few years, you may notice hairline cracks beginning to form in the finish and small chips flaking from the wood. With your home showing obvious signs that its outer finish is failing to "weather the storm", it might be time to call upon a professional exterior painter.

freshly painted house exterior to help prevent weather damage

Why Paint Your Home's Exterior Sooner Rather than Later?

Volumes have been written on the necessity of maintaining the exterior of your home, but here are the top five reasons you should never wait for a fresh coat of paint:

1. Water Damage

A solid coat of paint acts as a sealant and barrier against moisture. Hairline cracks may appear to be insignificant, but any amount of water from rain or melting snow that gets through to the raw wood can cause rotting. It also forces the surrounding paint to bubble and peel.

2. Dry Rot

Believe it or not, dry rot is caused by exposure to moisture. It encourages the growth of a specific type of fungus that breaks down the cellulose in wood - the very thing that gives it structure and strength.

3. Wood Rot Repair

Once your exterior paint ceases to protect your home from moisture, damage to the wood happens rapidly where your eyes cannot detect it. At Major Painting, our experienced, professional painters can locate the problem areas so they can be repaired before they get worse.

4. Sun Damage

As much as we enjoy our sunny weather, UV rays wreak havoc on a home. Even the best quality exterior paint has an expiration date when its formula containing binders and UV repellents simply breaks down.

5. Curb Appeal

Aside from the structural damage that happens when your paint gets old, it just looks bad. Old paint takes on a dull, chalky appearance. Your home looks much better and sustains a higher market value when it is obviously well-maintained.

When the evidence showing in your exterior paint points to potential issues, especially wood rot repair, think about repainting your home’s exterior soon! Waiting until next year for a fresh coat could end up being a costly decision. To learn more about our painting services, or to schedule your home’s exterior repaint, contact us at Major Painting today!

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