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Exterior Painting in the Midwest

The extreme temperatures and windy weather the Midwest is known for can easily weaken a paint job. Summer heat, winter ice, and rainy thunderstorms can wreak havoc on a beautiful exterior. Fortunately, there are ways to be proactive and prevent your home from sustaining damage caused by seasonal changes and unpredictable weather events.

man painting exterior of house in missouri

How Does Weather Affect Painted Exteriors?

Living in the tornado alley can affect your home's exterior paint in several ways. High winds can push rain against outer walls and cause debris to collect in gutters, causing outflow to trickle down the siding. The rapid changes between warm and cool temperatures can cause moisture to expand and contract, weakening the bond between the coat of paint and the side of a house. Existing cracks in the coating, can act as a gateway for moisture, causing wood to swell and mold to grow. Cracks left unattended can exacerbate existing damage. Paint will peel when it can no longer adhere to an unstable surface and can even change color when exposed to too many temperature changes.

Choosing the Right Paint

Whether a home has wood or vinyl siding, it's important to choose a coating that can adhere properly. Depending on the time of year the walls are painted, there are products with accelerated dry time to prevent adhesion issues caused by contact with moisture. If painting on a sunny day, choosing a product formulated to dry from the outside in is a good option. A high-quality paint job using premium level products is one of the best ways to ensure a long lasting and durable coating.

Along with the right type of paint, color choice can be key. Light paint colors give better sun protection than darker shades as they contain more solids and don’t absorb as much heat.

Preventing Weather Damage

The best way to deal with seasonal weathering is to be proactive. Walls should be regularly cleaned or power washed to remove any dirt or gunk clinging to the surface. Gutters should be free from dirt and debris. A solid and well-maintained coat of paint is the best way to bring longevity to your exterior.

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