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Selling Your Home? Increase Its Market Value with a Fresh Paint Job

When thinking about selling your house, you are more than likely also thinking about receiving an acceptable offer. The first thing most experienced realtors will tell you is that a fresh coat of paint for both the exterior and interior of your home is one of the best ways to increase your home's market value.

house on sale with freshly painted exterior

First Impressions Count

One of the first things a potential buyer notices about your house is the paint. A paint job that is chipping and flaking or a faded exterior/interior can turn a buyer off and cause you to lose the sale.

Aside from the fact that painting your house is one of the least expensive improvements, it can also increase the selling price of your house by as much as $6,000.

Exterior Paint "Rule of Thumb"

The "Rule of Thumb" to keep in mind when choosing your exterior colors is that you should limit your choices to 3 colors, also known as the 60-30-10 rule. The main part (or 60%) of the house should be your theme color. The trim around the windows, doors, and garage door (30%) should be a complementary color and the third color should be used for shutters and the front door of the house (10%).

Using this method will give your house a neat, clean and inviting appearance, or curb appeal. One of today's trending color schemes is neutral gray or white with a darker color door, such as black, navy, and even red. A pop of color will give your house character.

Interior Painting

When painting your home’s interior, neutral colors are highly recommended, as they will go with almost any color scheme. Additionally, you can create optical illusions with appropriate color choices. Painting smaller rooms all one color, including the trim, with light colors will help make them appear larger. By using darker colors in large rooms, the room will appear smaller, cozier, and more inviting.

Paint Finishes

From flat to glossy, eggshell to satin, there are several types of paint finishes to consider when getting ready to paint the interior. In general, most bedrooms and living rooms can be painted using an eggshell finish while bathrooms call for finishes that are easy to clean and are impervious to moisture, such as a satin finish. Semi-gloss or satin paint should be used for kitchens.

If you are getting ready to sell your home, or are just looking to spruce up your home’s appearance, Major Painting Company has the tools, equipment, and experienced professionals needed to get your house painted and market-ready quickly and efficiently. For more information about or services, contact us today!

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