Chase DeRousse is the Vice President of Painting at Major Painting and strives to deliver quality craftsmanship coupled with superior customer service, creating a unique and pleasant experience for all Major Painting customers, no matter the size of the project. Chase also holds an active Class A General Contracting License.

Chase has won multiple accolades recognizing his leadership and excellence in the painting industry including awards from the Painting Contractor Association (PCA), Business Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), and Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM).

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4 Common Interior Painting Myths Debunked

When it comes to interior painting, there are a myriad of conflicting tips and tricks that can make even the simplest of interior painting projects seem challenging. In order to achieve the best commercial or residential interior painting outcome, it is important to know which tips are fact and which are...

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4 Compelling Reasons to Paint Your Ceiling White

When painting interior rooms, many people often struggle to determine the color they should paint their ceilings. Should a lighter shade of the wall color be used? Would it be cliche to paint the ceiling white? While the answer depends on your desired style, painting the ceiling white is a smart...

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4 Safety Tips for Exterior Painting

Painting your house’s exterior is one of the fastest and most economical ways to upgrade your home. However, while changing the color of your home exterior can help you achieve your desired style, there is a certain amount of risk that comes with exterior painting. To minimize this risk and ensure...

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6 Painting Techniques for a Unique Interior

Whether you are hoping to add a unique style to your home interior, or create an eye-grabbing, welcoming environment for your business, there are a myriad of painting techniques you can implement to achieve your goal. Check out these six painting techniques for a unique interior. 1. Stencils Wall stenciling is...

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Creating Curb Appeal with Paint Selection

Is your home looking a little... blah? Painting the exterior may be just what it needs to make it look refreshingly bright and inviting! However, picking new exterior paint colors can often feel overwhelming. There are just so many colors from which to choose! Here are some tips to help you...

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3 Benefits of Regular Deck Staining

When it comes to your deck and other exterior wooden structures, it is crucial to ensure these features are properly protected from the elements in order to maintain an aesthetically-pleasing exterior and prolong the life of your investment. In order to keep your deck protected, regular staining is important. Keep reading...

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3 Factors that Might Cause You to Repaint Your Commercial Building More Frequently

A quality commercial building exterior paint job is an easy and cost-effective way to attract business and improve your property's value. A fresh coat of paint will help your building to look well maintained and attractive to potential customers. But how often should your commercial building exterior be repainted? Ultimately, the...

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Painting vs. Staining Your Deck

Just like the structure of your home, your wooden deck can also be subject to wood rot and moisture damage if not properly protected. To keep your deck protected and looking its best, adding a stain or coat of paint is essential. For help deciding whether painting or staining is the...

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4 Essential Considerations When Choosing Flooring for Your Office

Choosing the right flooring for your office is just as important as selecting the right furniture, décor, and paint color. Good flooring plays a critical role in helping you create a pleasant visual environment in the office. Discover these five factors that you should consider when choosing the ideal flooring for...

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4 Benefits of Professional Wallpaper Removal

When it comes to wallpaper, design experts and painting contractors are usually in agreement – removal is best. Not only does wallpaper quickly become outdated, but it can be difficult to maintain and even hide mold and mildew. Wallpaper removal may sound like an easy DIY task, but in fact, it...

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4 Interior Painting Tips for Rental Properties

Adding a fresh coat of paint to the interior of your residential property is a cost-effective way to spruce up the place for new tenants. Check out these four painting tips to consider when painting the interior of your rental property so the process goes as smoothly as possible. 1. Avoid...

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4 Reasons Why You Should Repaint Your Commercial Building

When it comes to your commercial building, a quality paint job is essential. Current and potential customers tend to perceive the reliability and the seriousness of a business first by the appearance and aesthetic factors. In order to ensure your business serves an excellent first impression, it is important to make...

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5 Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Office

An office remodel is an excellent way to reach your desired aesthetic, boost company morale, and create a more efficient work process. When renovating your office space, there are several things to consider to ensure that your vision aligns with the outcome. Check out these five factors to consider when planning...

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6 Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen

Are you craving a new look for your kitchen, but don't have the energy, budget, or patience needed for a complete remodel? Don't worry! There are several ways to give your kitchen a refreshing new look that do not involve steep budgets or demolition crews. Sometimes, all it takes is a...

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How to Choose the Right Paint Color for Your Medical Office

First impressions set the tone for any business, and that's twice as important for medical offices. Having a welcoming and calming atmosphere is crucial for retaining patients and creating a good work environment for your staff. If it's time for a new paint color in your medical office, check out these...

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4 Accent Wall Tips to Spruce Up Your Interior

An accent wall is an interior wall whose design differs from the rest. It could be a different color, shade, texture, or material from the walls around it. Creating an accent wall is one of the easiest ways to breathe life into any drab space and you can achieve this with...

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4 Surprising Benefits of Waterproofing Your Home

Waterproofing your home may sound like a value-added task that many people think is optional. After all, their home is still habitable and looks nice regardless of whether it is waterproofed or not. However, waterproofing your home brings several surprising benefits you may not have considered. Check out these four unexpected...

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5 Best Closet Painting Tips

While closets perform a highly important storage function, homeowners rarely think about their contribution to the home's decor. In reality, a well-chosen color doesn't just improve your closet's aesthetic appeal, it can increase its lifespan and functionality. Check out these key closet painting tips to consider when painting your interior. 1....

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5 Tips to Avoid Common Exterior Painting Mistakes

In order to keep your home looking its absolute best, a quality exterior paint job is essential. Not only is a quality exterior paint job great for your home’s appearance, it is also plays an important role in keeping your home protected and structurally sound. Therefore, it’s important to avoid common...

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How to Choose the Right Paint Finish for Each Room in Your Home

When it comes to painting your home’s interior, choosing the right paint color can be a difficult decision. However, choosing your paint becomes even more challenging when you also consider paint finishes. The types of paint finishes include flat/matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss. With varying levels of shine, durability, and...

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4 Spring Home Exterior Maintenance Tips

As the temperatures warm up and the days become longer, many people start their annual spring cleaning to-do list. No closet or drawer is safe from this cleaning spree. Along with the interior cleaning, your home’s exterior could also use a little TLC this spring season. Check out these exterior home...

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