Chase DeRousse is the Vice President of Painting at Major Painting and strives to deliver quality craftsmanship coupled with superior customer service, creating a unique and pleasant experience for all Major Painting customers, no matter the size of the project. Chase also holds an active Class A General Contracting License.

Chase has won multiple accolades recognizing his leadership and excellence in the painting industry including awards from the Painting Contractor Association (PCA), Business Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), and Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM).

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4 Reasons it Might be Time to Remodel Your Commercial Office in 2023

As a professional painting company, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean and professional appearance for your commercial office. Not only does a fresh coat of paint make your office look more inviting, but it can also increase employee productivity and impress clients. However, sometimes a simple paint job isn't...

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The "Bulletproof" Garage Epoxy Coating System

Surfaces in a garage are typically one of the most abused areas inside of your home. When thinking about giving your garage a makeover, the choice of material matters. This is no truer than when a homeowner selects a coating for the floors and walls in their garage.  Your garage floors...

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How to Prevent Spalled Concrete - Salt Gaurd


Want to mitigate concrete damage in your parking lot next spring? During the winter, rock salt is typically sprayed on roads and driveways to melt ice and snow. While this method is effective for melting ice and snow, the question remains will salt damage your concrete? Rock salt does in fact cause...

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Painting Maintenance for Facility Managers

To keep your commercial building running smoothly and looking good, it requires ongoing maintenance. This includes ensuring that the facility's surfaces are properly painted and maintained. It not only improves the appearance of the building, but it can also help you stay in compliance with OSHA and other safety standards. Scheduling...

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Mechanical Rooms - Protection of Equipment and Personnel with Performance Coatings

The underbelly of many facilities large and small is traditionally filled with equipment critical to the building operation. In most cases, these rooms control comfort, air quality, elevator equipment, and backup power generation. This room is one of the larger investments in a building, caring for it is imperative, as downtime...

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4 Tips for Choosing Paint Colors

When painting your home or business, it is important to choose paint colors that you are happy with and that match your design goals. After spending the time and money to complete your paint project, realizing you’ve chosen the wrong paint color can be pretty devastating. To ensure you pick the...

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Painting vs. Replacing Aluminum Siding

When it comes to building a home, aluminum siding has been a popular option for many homeowners since the 1940s. With its numerous benefits, it is very easy to see why it's still popular to date. However, when aluminum siding becomes old and discolored, it can be difficult to determine whether...

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5 Popular Paint Colors for Apartments

The modern apartment is a far cry from the stuffy, cramped, and outdated dwellings of years past. With more people than ever choosing to live in apartments, there has been a corresponding increase in renters looking for unique, stylish, and functional spaces. Therefore, when considering the best paint colors for apartments,...

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3 Awesome Benefits of Power Washing Your Building’s Exterior

When it comes to caring for the exterior of your commercial building, it is a great idea to have it power washed. Hiring a professional for the job can have a lot of great benefits and allows you to keep the exterior of your building structurally sound and looking its best....

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Removing Wallpaper

Removing wallpaper from your commercial building can be a complicated task, and there are several ways you can inadvertently make it harder than it needs to be. Keep reading to discover five of the most common mistakes to avoid when removing wallpaper and why having our professionals at Major Painting handle...

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How to Best Prevent Wood Rot

When wood is damp, it starts to rot. If left unrepaired, the rot attracts termites and fungi, and the wood becomes weak and breakable. To best prevent wood rot, it’s important to have your home or building inspected regularly for trouble spots, have the trouble spots repaired, and have a new...

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Pros and Cons: Painted vs. Stained Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets come in all shapes and sizes, but every person will notice the finish. When finishing cabinets, a homeowner needs to choose between painted or stained. Both stained and painted cabinets will look fantastic in the kitchen but deciding on the right one for your home can be a difficult...

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4 Signs it is Time to Repaint Your Warehouse

Your warehouse’s paint play a vital role in ensuring proper organization and smooth operations. Due to the frequent traffic and activity most warehouses experience, your interior may require a repaint sooner rather than later. Keep reading to discover a few common signs your warehouse interior needs repainting.  1. Deteriorated Floor Markings...

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Exterior Paint Projects: 4 Times You Should Hire a Pro

While DIY painting projects are popular due to their convenience, there are certain times when it is better to hire a professional. This is especially true if you are looking to paint your home's exterior. Exterior paint projects can be difficult to complete on your own and often require special equipment....

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4 Waterproofing Myths You Should Stop Believing

Proper, long-term waterproofing solutions can help protect your commercial building’s structural integrity and provide numerous other benefits. However, myths and false claims surrounding commercial waterproofing can dissuade building owners from investing in this essential service. To ensure your building is fully protected, check out these four waterproofing myths to stop believing...

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4 Office Remodeling Myths Debunked

There is a lot to expect when you decide to renovate or remodel your office. While some of your expectations may be true, others may be false and could impede good decision-making. Check out this brief overview of four common office remodeling myths and why you should stop believing them today!...

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5 Ways to Determine if Your Home Needs an Exterior Repaint This Spring

In order to keep your home properly protected, structurally sound, and looking its best, a quality coat of paint is essential. If your home’s exterior is in need of a repaint, this spring season is the perfect time to complete the job! Keep reading to discover five signs it is time...

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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Painting Stucco

In hot, dry areas, homes with stucco exteriors are pretty standard. The advantage of stucco construction is that it may survive for decades with appropriate care and upkeep. Cement, water, and sand are used to make stucco. Stucco solidifies into a thick solid after being applied wet. It's used in architecture...

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5 Exterior Painting Hacks to Help You Paint Like a Pro

Exterior house painting helps to enhance aesthetics, protect the surface from natural elements, and increase the value of your property. However, exterior painting is a huge job and mistakes can be costly, especially if you are doing it yourself. For the best results and to enjoy the benefits associated with a...

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Painting Your Bathroom

Due to excess moisture, placement of appliances, and other conditions, painting a bathroom is not the easiest task. In order to complete a quality bathroom paint project, there are a few tips to keep in mind and mistakes to avoid. Discover these mistakes to avoid when painting your bathroom. 1. Painting...

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6 Benefits of Using High-Quality Paint

There's more to a successful painting project than picking the right colors and prepping your painting surface. Using premium quality paint from a reliable paint manufacturer makes for stellar results. You can easily ensure your walls look resplendent for longer while lowering your costs. Check out these benefits of using high-quality...

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