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4 Safety Tips for Exterior Painting

Painting your house’s exterior is one of the fastest and most economical ways to upgrade your home. However, while changing the color of your home exterior can help you achieve your desired style, there is a certain amount of risk that comes with exterior painting. To minimize this risk and ensure your safety, check out these essential exterior painting safety tips.

exterior painter practicing ladder safety

1. Practice Ladder Safety

Anytime you are working off of the ground, there is a risk of falling. When using a ladder, it is critical to practice ladder safety. Before you climb any ladder, inspect it to ensure it is in good working condition.

Your ladder should be placed about one foot from the house for every three feet in height and should be placed on a solid surface. Uneven ground, stones, or gravel can cause a ladder to shift suddenly, and while plastic drop cloths are great for catching paint spills, placing your ladder on them can make for a slippery surface.

2. Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

It is essential to protect your body with personal protective equipment when painting. A quality chemical-resistant suit and respirator will help keep you fully protected from harmful chemical fumes or paint particles.

3. Know Your Space

Once you have decided to paint, it is easy to want to start immediately. However, a little planning can go a long way in helping you avoid many issues. First, inspect your surroundings for potential hazards that could interfere with your ladders, such as power lines or trees. It is also important to consider how you will protect walkways, plants, and other landscaping from paint spills and any other damage.

4. Clean Up and Dispose of Paint Properly

Whatever type of paint you use, using the right products will make your cleanup fast and easy while limiting the possibility of environmental damage. If you decide to dispose of excess paint, it needs to be handled properly. Most communities have a household hazardous waste center where you can drop off any leftover paint products.

Contact the Experts at Major Painting

While painting your home is a relatively easy way to change the look of your house, it can be time-consuming and involves certain risks.

At Major Painting, we take all the stress out of painting the exterior of your home. With over thirty years of experience, our team of professionals has the equipment, knowledge, and skill to make your house the envy of the neighborhood. To learn more about our residential exterior painting services, contact us today.

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