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How to Choose the Right Paint Color for Your Medical Office

First impressions set the tone for any business, and that's twice as important for medical offices. Having a welcoming and calming atmosphere is crucial for retaining patients and creating a good work environment for your staff. If it's time for a new paint color in your medical office, check out these four paint color tips to keep in mind.


1. Avoid Negative Choices

This may seem like an obvious tip, but the best way to avoid picking the wrong color starts by crossing bad options off your list. Avoid stark white, bright or striking colors, and orange-based hues that can appear sickly or dirty over time. Filter out these negative options so you're left only with good choices.

2. Consider Other Elements in the Room

Look at the furniture, artwork, architectural elements, and equipment in whatever room you're having painted. If there are any elements you can't change, you should base your color choice to accommodate these features. Painting your medical office with a color that doesn’t go well with the immovable elements can make your space look unbalanced and disorganized.

3. Ask Your Team and Patients

Involving your staff and your visitors in your decision is a great way to find the perfect shade — or at least avoid making a surprisingly bad choice. Involving your staff in decisions that affect their day-to-day work is part of building a strong company culture. Involving your patients also shows that you care about their experiences. No matter which color you end up choosing, this consideration builds engagement and better relationships.

4. Err on the Side of Neutrals

Even if you are repainting a pediatrician's office, overly bright colors are a risky move. It’s best to stick to neutrals, lighter color options, pastels, or dim jewel tones for professional medical offices. Save splashes of bright color for accessories and decor that you can easily change if needed.

At Major Painting, our expert commercial interior painters can help you find the right paint for your environment and wall texture before professionally painting your medical office. If you need help choosing the best color for your space, or to learn more about our commercial interior painting services, contact us today!

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