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Office Remodel Tips: Pick the Best Paint Color for Your Conference Room

Step into any office building and you're likely to find rooms painted in neutral colors like white and gray. This is especially true of conference rooms, generally regarded as being strictly business. However, many companies are rethinking their style and doing an office remodel to incorporate color and create more welcoming environments.

newly remodeled and painted conference room in office building

Consider the wide range of things that happen in conference rooms: conducting interviews, meeting clients, brainstorming new business ideas, and finalizing contracts. A more vibrant color seems more suitable than a drab neutral, but how do you choose the right one?

Colors have a significant impact on the brain, influencing people's moods and productivity. Just as selecting colors for your business' branding is important to conveying the right message about your company, choosing proper paint colors for your conference room is critical to promoting an atmosphere that reflects your business ideals.


Considered one of the most intellectual colors, blue is an excellent choice for conference rooms. It is a tranquil yet stimulating color that promotes trust and communication, as well as creativity and motivation. Deeper hues of blue are especially helpful for increasing focus and productivity.


Signifying fire, strength, authority, and success, red is a powerful color. Consider using it to motivate employees or stimulate clients to make decisions quickly, but beware that it may also spark heated discussions. Depending on your intent, using red as an accent color may be more appropriate.


With strong ties to nature, green is an excellent color choice for companies that encourage innovation. The idea of growth is reflected in green shades, which is conducive to brainstorming, collaboration, and creativity. Its soothing tones are also beneficial for having difficult conversations.


If you want to paint your conference room a bold color as part of your office remodel but red is too bold, orange is a fantastic choice. It isn't quite as intense, but it is still stimulating and inspires creativity and collaboration. Orange is said to be an excellent paint color for organizations that do a lot of teamwork or negotiating.

If you’re looking for a change, refreshing your company's conference room with modern colors that represent your company and spark curiosity is a great place to start. At Major Painting Company, our professional office painters can offer insight into how certain colors are perceived and which colors make the most sense for your organization. To learn more about our office remodel or painting services, contact us today!

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