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Historic Lake Winnebago Home

Project Summary

This historic Lake Winnebago home was one of the original homes constructed on the North Shore and has been a recognized home amongst the community since!  Over the years it has seen many remodels, updates and expansions, but the homeowners have continued to preserve its original features and look. Major Painting was contracted in the Spring of 2022 to repair wood rot and repaint the exterior of the home as well as grind and re-coat their garage floor.

Project Highlights

  • Location: Lake Winnebago, MO

  • Building Type: Residential

  • Client Type: Homeowner 

  • Project Duration: 2 weeks 

Project Scope

Exterior Repairs:

  • Remove and replace 1x trim boards behind gutters
  • Cut shingles next to the windows and doors as needed and install new 2x4 cedar trim around all windows and doors

Exterior Painting:

  • Pressure wash the home, removing all dirt and contaminants from the substrate
  • Caulk as needed and prep all areas that are not to receive paint
  • Sand all prefinished windows and doors and apply (1) coat of XIM Bonding primer followed by (2) coats of finish paint
  • Apply (2) coats of finish paint to the complete home.

Garage Floor Coating: 700 sq. ft.

  • Mechanically grind the existing coating that was deteriorating and failing in many areas from the floor
  • Mechanically grind the bare concrete to create a uniform concrete surface profile for the coating
  • Apply (1) coat of Rustoleum concrete sealer/primer to the garage floor
  • Apply (1) coat of Rustoleum 100% Solids Self Leveling Epoxy to the garage floor
  • Apply (1) coat of PPG PSX700 Clear Polysiloxane finish coating to the complete garage floor

House Color Scheme

  • Body Color: Custom Color Match to the Existing Stained Shingles, Trim
  • Color: Existing Color Match to the Bronzetone Nanowall
  • House Products: XIM Bonding Primer, Sherwin Williams Exterior Satin SuperPaint

Products Used

  • Garage Color: Rustoleum Light Gray
  • Garage Products: Primer/Sealer: Rustoleum 550, Base Coat: Rustoleum EPL1000 100% Solids Self Leveling Epoxy,
  • Top Coat: PPG PSX700 Clear
Project Details

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