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Commercial Kitchen

Project Summary

This kitchen operates on a suspended floor. With years of use, cracked quarry tile and gaps around the floor drains, aesthetics was not the only reason for the flooring renovation. A high profile corporate client was to take over the suite; water leaking through the floor would not be desirable. The client had a shortened timeline and asked if the new floor can be installed without full removal of the tile. Major provided a system to keep the old tile in place while professionally installing a ⅜” Urethane Cement floor with a full broadcast of anti slip aggregate. Along with tightening the drains so water flowed to the correct places, we also installed a 5” resinous cove so mopping and washdown can be completed with ease. In addition to the main kitchen floor, Major also finished a food storage room, floor to ceiling. We installed a new ceiling grid and tile, drywalled floor to ceiling, prepped and repaired the concrete and installed a thin film epoxy floor system.

Leawood, KS
2 Week Duration

More Project Details

Products Used

Tnemec 242 Urethane Cement
60/40 Silica Sand (Broadcast to rejection)
Tnemec 246 Urethane top coat
PPG ICO Floor Urethane Cement (Trowel Applied)
PPG PSX 700 Polysiloxane


Concrete Floor Repair
Resinous Flooring Installation

Colors Used

Industrial Gray