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Medical Suite is Brought Back to 2020’s

Project Summary

Suite 440 had not seen a tenant for many years, but that could have been in part to the first impression it commonly gave individuals touring it as a viable candidate to move their office to. The office space was configured nicely, and you could tell it was a very nice office over a decade ago. After many individuals coming touring the space, the common consensus was it was outdated and needed a new look to even be considered a viable office option in 2020. The property management company of the medical office building consulted with Major Painting to come up with a way to upgrade the space while still being as cost efficient as possible. The outcome was to repaint all of the walls, ceiling and door jams as well as install new Luxury Vinyl Tile Planks. The key to the two updates were to make sure the new color scheme would co-exist with the existing cabinetry, as the cabinetry was in really good shape, but not completely up to date with its finish.

Project Highlights

  • Location: 2340 E Meyer Blvd. Kansas City, MO

  • Building Type: Multi-Level Medical Office Building

  • Client: Kansas City Commercial Real Estate Property Management Group

  • Completion Date: March 2019

Project Scope

In order to be cost friendly, Major Painting’s scope consisted of apply a covering coat of flat white ceiling paint to the complete drop ceiling, resulting in brightening up the space. It also included repainting all of the walls and door jambs in the space. The wall color was intentionally chosen to be light to allow the natural lighting of the space to give the impression that it was open and big. Additionally, the door jambs were painted dark to create a good contrast and match with the flooring. As an added benefit, dark door jambs also seem to wear better over time. The existing VCT flooring was removed, the floor was scraped and prepped as needed, and new Luxury Vinyl Tile was installed to the space. As mentioned earlier, the flooring and base colors were chosen based off the existing cabinetry in the space. The final resulting colors complemented each other quite well.

This project was completed over 2-weeks, and, shortly after the remodel, the office space was rented out to a new tenant. Sometimes it just takes a little remodel or cosmetic upgrade to make your office shine once again!

Color Scheme

The color scheme was developed from neutral colors and Sherwin Williams helped the client preview how the building would look by providing them with a digital rendering of the building.

Products Used

  • Walls: PPG Interior Speedhide Eggshell
  • Door Jambs: PPG Pittech DTM Satin
  • Flooring: Philadelphia Bosk 00780 Coffee Bean
  • Base: Roppe 110 Brown
Project Details

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