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Loch Lloyd: Neighborhood Light Poles Restored

Project Summary

The private neighborhood of Loch Lloyd is nestled in the northwestern corner of Cass County, Missouri and is recognized for its resort-like community with many luxurious homes, amenities, and signature golf course. The neighborhood stretches around a lake and therefore has many long, twisty streets all accompanied by street lights. Major Painting was awarded the project of cleaning and painting 125 street light poles by the HOA.

Project Highlights

  • Location: Cass County, MO

  • Material Type: Metal Light Poles

  • Client Type: Neighborhood HOA

  • Completion Date: 2017

Project Scope

The Loch Lloyd Community is a very private community that was developed around a lot of trees and a man made lake. With the lake and the natural, wooded environment around the community we believe the main reason these original light poles needed to be cleaned as well as repainted was due to all the bugs from the trees and lake. The top light fixture area was a perfect home for spiders and bugs and very easy to find as they're attracted to the light at night. A significant portion of the light poles were starting to fade and oxidize as all of them were original to the development of the community. It was important to get them primed and a protective coating applied to them before they started to experience excessive oxidation or rust.

Major Painting worked with local Sherwin Williams representatives to issue the Loch Lloyd HOA a 2-year labor and material warranty for the light poles the HOA was responsible for in the community. The application process was to wipe the poles clean, grind any surface rust away, prime areas of bare metal with Sherwin Williams Pro-Industrial Pro-Cryl Universal Primer and (2) coats of Sherwin Williams Pro-Industrial Waterbased Alkyd Urethane Enamel for the finish coat. The top fixtures were also disassembled to clean all cob webs from insides of them and wipe the glass clean. The true challenge of the project was to not disturb the residents of this community. The field team used a 40’ stick boom to reach the light poles as many of them were on unleveled ground where ladders and scaffolding was not safe. By using the lift, we were always in the street therefore it was essential to have safety cones or one of the team members directing traffic as needed. The project was completed in 3 weeks with little disturbance to the homeowners, making this another successful project for the team at Major Painting!

Project Details

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