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Kansas City Entrepreneurial Foundation Preserves Wood Overhangs

Project Summary

The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation headquartered in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri is a staple to the Entrepreneurship culture in the Midwest. Founded in 1966 by the legendary pharmaceutical entrepreneur and humanitarian, Ewing Marion Kauffman, the mission of the foundation is to advance entrepreneurship, improve the education for the youth, and support the development of Kansas City. With the foundation’s strong leadership and community support, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation hosts several entrepreneurial and education events daily at its Kansas City building resulting in over 150,000 individuals coming in and out of their doors a year!

Project Highlights

  • Location: Kansas City, MO

  • Building Type: Wood Walkway Overhangs

  • Client Type: Corporate

  • Completion Date: Fall of 2017

Project Scope

The Problem

At first glance, the Kauffman Foundation building mesmerizes individuals with its elegance and modern beauty. With over hundreds of thousands of people visiting the foundation a year, maintenance of the buildings is a necessary, yet challenging objective to accomplish sometimes. In Fall of 2017, Major Painting was selected to contract with the Foundation to apply new stain to their existing parking lot “Wood Walkway Overhang Structures”. With the building having high traffic and open six, sometimes seven days a week, the process of re-staining these walkway areas presented unique difficulties!

The Solution

To apply new stain to the Wood Walkway Overhangs, Major Painting’s process was to first pressure wash the structures to remove dirt, cobwebs, and any other contaminates that had found their way onto the wood since the inception of the building. The second phase of the project was to apply stain to the structures.

The process sounds simple, but add hundreds of daily visitors and the Missouri Fall weather to the equation and this project challenges even the most professional commercial painting contractors!

To ensure the project, which totaled over 60 man days, went smoothly and efficiently, Major Painting and the Foundations Engineer and Security team sat down to organize and plan the weeks to come. All parties found the project schedule meeting to be the most integral part to the success of the project. After a work schedule was developed around the daily events and weekly weather, it was on Major Painting to execute the plan.

Success was accomplished through blocking off sections of wood overhangs with cones and safety tape allowing the field employees to work in a designated zone making it safe for the employees as well as the buildings visitors. During the week, the focus was on pressure washing and preparing the overhangs for stain. Large crews were then brought in on the weekend and days the Foundation was closed to apply the stain. The stain, Sherwin Williams SuperDeck, was applied using traditional airless sprayers at very low pressure with fine finish tips, therefore minimizing the potential for lost material and overspray. The project was completed in just under 30 days and over 165 gallons of Sherwin Williams Semi-Transparent Super Deck (SW3563 Redwood) Stain was applied to the Wood Overhang Walkway structures in the parking lot.

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Project Details

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