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Epoxy Floor Bathroom

Project Highlights

  • Location: North Kansas City 

  • Building Type: Cave

  • Client Type: Corporate

  • Completion Date: November 2022

Project Scope

1. Apply PSX 700 Flooring 2 - (15x9) Bathrooms

  • Diamond grind concrete substrate to achieve manufacturer-recommended concrete surface profile "CSP2"
  • Clean and vac substrate to ensure free from dust, debris, and other contaminants.
  • Prep surrounding areas not to receive a coating
  • Apply PSX 700 poly siloxane (HME to determine color)

2. Cove Base Install

  • Install 4" rubber cove base inside/outside bathrooms

Color Scheme

The color scheme was developed from neutral colors. The PSX 700 provides the floor with a calming grey hue that creates a spacious feel when matched with the door, stall, and rubber trim that's black. 

Products Used

Project Details