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Central Power System's Clean Look

Project Summary

In the Spring of 2017, Major Painting was contracted by Central Power Systems and Services to repaint the exterior of their 55,000 square foot corporate headquarters in Liberty, MO. The company was in search for a commercial painting contractor that could not only revive the appearance of the exterior of their facility, but also provide the correct application and coating process which would help seal the masonry elevations, therefore eliminating their current water penetration problems.

Project Highlights

  • Location: Liberty, MO

  • Building Type: Commercial Building

  • Client Type: Corporate

  • Completion Date: Spring 2017

Project Scope

The existing coating system applied to the masonry elevations was failing and faded. In many areas, water had found a way to penetrate past the coating, therefore pocketing between the coating and the concrete substrate, eventually breaking down the substrate to a degree as well as blistering and peeling the paint. Coupled with coating failure was the 20-year-old faded and outdated color scheme of the building that didn’t match their current branding.

The process involved with repainting the complete exterior of Central Power’s facility was to pressure wash the substrate, caulk any cracks or holes as needed, apply (1) coat of Rhino Grip Primer, and (2) coats of PPG’s Permacrete Finish Paint to the complete building. The bollards along the garages were also cleaned up by grinding the surface rust free and applying (2) coats of safety yellow to them. To ensure a successful paint job, a heavy emphasis was put on the preparation phase of this project. When preparing the building for the coatings, it was very important for Major Painting’s field laborers to pressure wash the substrate thoroughly, removing as much loose paint or rust as possible caused from the existing coating failures. When pressure washing the masonry substrate an oscillating turbo jet nozzle was used at the end of the wands, allowing us to clean deeper and faster than a traditional tip. After cleaning and preparing the surface the Rhino Grip primer followed by (2) coats of PPG Permacrete Top Coat Masonry Finish paint was applied to the complete exterior of the building. When applying the (2) topcoats of paint, the Spray and Back-Roll Method was used to guarantee the coating was applied uniformly and pushed properly into the porous substrate. An emphasis was also put on spraying the tops of the square masonry cut outs of the substrate with a heavy coat as well, therefore creating a better run off for water and lowering the chances of water penetration behind the coating.

Project Details

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