Chase DeRousse is the Vice President of Painting at Major Painting and strives to deliver quality craftsmanship coupled with superior customer service, creating a unique and pleasant experience for all Major Painting customers, no matter the size of the project. Chase also holds an active Class A General Contracting License.

Chase has won multiple accolades recognizing his leadership and excellence in the painting industry including awards from the Painting Contractor Association (PCA), Business Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), and Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM).

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Preparing to Paint in Winter

For homeowners planning to take on a painting project this winter, either indoor or outdoor, special considerations must be made before moving forward with the painting. A winter paint job requires more preparations and proper procedures. Cold weather is drier than warmer weather and cripples the drying process of a standard...

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Effectively Paint Corners and Edges

Paint rollers are great and allow painters to cover a lot of surface area, but they are not very effective for all the detail work required in almost every painting project. Fortunately, there are some tools and techniques that can make painting tricky edges and corners noticeably easier. Protection First You...

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Remove and Deter Mildew Growth from Exterior Surfaces

People who live in warm and humid climates are always looking for ways to eliminate mold and mildew. They usually resort to covering it up, applying a fresh coat of paint to their homes and commercial buildings to rid themselves of their mildew problems, only to find that their efforts were...

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How Do Oil-based Paints on Buildings Affect You and the Environment

Many cities have curtailed the issuance of new building permits, resulting in companies, as well as individuals, buying and renovating existing buildings that are sound and meet their needs. While renovation and reclamation of older, iconic commercial and residential buildings have become somewhat of a trend, repainting them may require adherence to some...

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Protect and Restore with a Silicone Roof Coating

Applying a silicone coating to your residential or commercial roof will protect it and extend its life. The coating is most suitable for flat or low-sloped roofs and can be applied to almost all traditional roofing substrates. The elastic properties of silicone molecules allow the coating to flex with different pressures and...

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Top 5 Painting Safety Trends

Safety should be your first priority on the job. Whether you’re managing a large corporation or working as a contractor on your own, it’s important to follow safety procedures, particularly when working in a commercial area. Here’s the top five painting safety tips to keep you and your team safe while...

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Choose the Best Paint for Your Company's Conference Room

Your company's conference room hosts internal employees and external clients, so it needs to be in pristine shape and be representative of your business lifestyle and goals. If your conference room is a little drab and needs a new paint job, follow these tips to ensure it doesn't become a disastrous,...

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Select the Right Paint for Your Home

A lot of planning goes into the paint job before a brush even touches a surface. For a painting project, it's important to have the right equipment and ensure that the area that you are working in is safe. However, one of the most crucial steps is also selecting the right...

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Extend the Life of Your Walls and Paint After the Job

If you recently completed an interior painting project, congratulations! You worked very hard to improve the look of your home. It's now time to think about strategies that will help you retain that great look for years to come. Follow these tips on how to ensure your interior walls are a...

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3 Reasons to Paint Your Warehouse

Successful companies understand the importance of impressing their business partners and clients. The better the impression companies leave, the more likely it is that partners and clients would be willing to do business. You have probably worked diligently to ensure that every room a potential customer sees looks its best, but...

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Essential Cleaning Procedures Before Indoor House Painting Projects

Prior to painting an interior room, it would seem the only task is to select the right paint color, after which one can start painting, right? Actually, there is important prep work that is almost always necessary to complete before the actual painting process can begin. Take a few minutes to...

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Boost Your Brand Through Paint Design

Colors play a critical role in brand development. Most businesses feature certain colors in logos, location design, and other branded materials. Whether you already associate certain shades with your business or are starting a new business, exterior and interior paint design amplify the influence of any brand.   Colors and Brands...

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Removing Stains from Painted Interior Rooms

Many homeowners want to protect the money and time they invest into painting their interior rooms. Besides wanting their home to look clean and appealing, having well-maintained interior rooms can help impress potential buyers, if the homeowner decides to put their home up for sale later. Homeowners can utilize easy cleaning...

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Identify 3 Types of Wood Rot

Wood rot occurs when wood in a structure becomes decayed from moisture in wood, which leads to the growth of fungus. Wood rot can cause a variety of issues, including serious structural damage and costly repairs. The most common types of wood decay fungi are brown rot, white rot, and soft...

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Don't Neglect Ceilings When Painting Businesses

Give your customers and clients a reason to keep their heads up. Spruce up the ceiling of your business and have their eyes roving upward. The ceiling of your business acts as your fifth wall, and you as a savvy business owner can take that ceiling to new heights by adding...

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Dealing with Furniture When Painting Inside Your Home

You've chosen your colors, bought the paint and supplies, and you're ready to get started. There's just one small problem: what do you do with your furniture? You could do your best to paint around it, but there are better ways to handle painting a furnished room in your home. Paint...

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Trending Chalky Paint Projects

What is chalk paint and why is it so popular? Chalk paint is a term that is trademarked by the Annie Sloan company, although many other brands now offer a chalky finish paint. It refers to a thick paint that results in a matte finish and is commonly used to paint...

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Choose the Right Paint for Particular Surfaces

Deciding to paint or repaint metal, masonry, or wood surfaces can be a big project, but it doesn't have to be if you use the right paint for the job. Before getting started, always remember the most important part of any painting project is preparation. Without proper cleaning and priming, your...

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How to Avoid a Messy Paint Job

Painting your walls sounds easy: just choose a paint color, get a brush or roller, and start slathering it on; however, it's not that simple. If you don't understand how to use your tools effectively nor know the proper techniques, you can end up with a disaster. It could look bad,...

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Save Money by Investing in Caulking Repair

Repairs can be a real pain in the wallet. That's why seasoned commercial building owners know to keep their caulking in good repair. It is far more cost-efficient to repair the caulking on your commercial building before damages occur. The Importance of Joint Caulking Joint (where two surfaces of a building come...

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4 Key Deck Staining Tips for Homeowners

Like any successful endeavor, staining your deck requires patience, persistence, and a steady hand. By taking extra time and focusing on precision, your wood deck will see immense benefits. Your deck will be able to withstand the elements and avoid unnecessary peeling and warping which will save you money in the long run. However,...

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