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Trending Chalky Paint Projects

What is chalk paint and why is it so popular? Chalk paint is a term that is trademarked by the Annie Sloan company, although many other brands now offer a chalky finish paint. It refers to a thick paint that results in a matte finish and is commonly used to paint furniture or home decor items, such as picture frames. Painted furniture is popular in many decorating styles, and just one painted piece can spruce up a tired room. Here are a few reasons why chalky paint is so popular:

side of living room with love seat, plants, lamp, and chalky-painted dresser

  1. No sanding is required before painting. Yes, you read that right, no sanding! The paint is quite thick and provides great coverage, and because the desired result of finished chalky paint projects is antiqued and weathered, there is no need to produce a super smooth surface before painting. This type of paint will cover most surfaces, although shiny surfaces such as laminate should be roughed up a bit before painting.
  2. Limited color choices are a plus. It can be difficult to pick the perfect color when there are thousands to choose from. Chalky paint is available in just a few popular colors. These colors are very current and adaptable to most color schemes. Because of the limited options available, it is hard to make a mistake.
  3. Even beginners can do a chalky paint project. This type of paint covers well and dries quickly. Beginners can have excellent results because the paint is so forgiving. Most projects are meant to look vintage, which means you can sand the corners after you paint to make it look worn. If there are any drips or brush marks, they are easy to sand off. Mistakes just add to the antique and unique aesthetic.
  4. Using chalky paint on old furniture is a great (and inexpensive) way to spruce up a room. Although chalky paint can be a bit pricier compared to other types of paint, a little bit really does go a long way. Most furniture projects can be completed with one container of paint. And in the long run, painting and recycling an old dresser or table is much less expensive than buying a new one.

If you have never tried a home project with chalky paint, start with something small such as a picture frame or a small table or chair. When you see how your project brings style and a burst of color to your room, you will be amazed at the impact you can get from just a bit of paint. For more information, contact us today.

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