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Use Paint Apps to Guide Your Residential or Commercial Painting

Paint apps are downloaded onto a smartphone or other electronic devices for customers to accurately view paint options and match them to the current area and color scheme before deciding on paint color. By uploading a photo of the area to paint, these apps allow customers to bring their room with them and compare more accurately with vision.

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Popular Paint Apps

Paint My Place is one of the most popular paint app options, allowing customers to visualize different paint colors within their rooms. With the option to choose from several different paint companies, you can design and edit your room with a variety of options.

ColorSnap is another paint app that is popular and available at no charge to customers. Using Sherwin Williams' paint shades options, customers can develop a custom palette for their room. If you are unsure about the color you need, this app will utilize colors found in furniture and the flooring and automatically develop a color palette.

Get the Visual

Take a picture of the room or space with your smartphone and upload to the app you are using. The quality of your smartphone camera should be sufficient for the picture. When you take the picture, make sure that there is plenty of light to determine how light or dark a room will be with the paint color. Also, include all the furniture and floor in the picture, as to get a well-rounded view of the room and accurately match the paint colors.

Match and See Your Colors

When you upload your picture to the app, you can highlight the wall area and alter its color. With your furniture and flooring included in the picture, find and select the colors you are interested in, and see what matches. See how that color you have been considering actually pairs with your kitchen cabinets or bedroom furniture.

Compare Colors

These apps allow you to compare colors when you are stuck between several color options. Use apps to see which colors match your room. You may find that a color you thought would look great does not match your room's existing décor. This is beneficial before purchasing and painting your room.

Contact Major Painting Today!

Although paint apps give you a guide on a good painting scheme, it's no match for an expert painter's experience and eye for quality. Contact us today if you are looking to have your residence or business painted professionally.

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