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Why You Should Maintain Your Commercial Building's Paint

As an owner of a commercial property, keeping your building’s paint properly maintained is very important. Without proper maintenance, paint can start to peel away, leaving the wood bare and susceptible to rain, weather, and insect damage. This can cause the wood to rot and, in turn, endanger the structural integrity of your building. Your building will no longer be safe for you, your employees, or your customers, and that's extremely bad for business.

The constant seasonal change of temperature and moisture build-up, especially in spring and summer, also creates a conducive recipe for mold. Mold and mildew will slowly eat away your wood and could cause stairways, beams, and building structure to collapse. Keeping the structural integrity of your commercial building is vital for your business.

freshly painted commercial building

How Often Should Your Buildings' Paint Be Maintained?

Your commercial building should receive a fresh coat of paint every 5-10 years, depending on paint quality and how well you maintain your building. Additionally, if your environment and climate see a lot of potential weather damage (for example, a waterfront building often receives the brute force of seaside rain and winds), you may need to maintain your building's paint more frequently. Decks should be painted or washed down every year. In general, you should maintain your building for aesthetics too.

If you're a dentist or a family doctor, you don't want your clients to see your exterior covered in mold or mildew, as it screams poor hygiene and management. You can mitigate this by having it power washed every year by a professional and repainting as necessary.

The professional commercial painters at Major Painting Company have all the tools, knowledge, and experience to help you keep your building in Bristol fashion. For more information, or if your commercial building needs speedy, careful, professional painting services, contact us today!

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