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What Type of Paint is Right for My Commercial Project

Why, When, and Where to use high-performance paints on my commercial property

As a commercial painting contractor that specializes in working with Property and Facility Managers, we are regularly asked what products should be used where. This article will outline the benefits of using Sherwin Williams’ Pro Industrial Coatings.

Pro Industrial coatings are predominately used in areas of high traffic, where durability is among the main concern.

1. Pre-Catalyzed Water Based Epoxy

Ideal for all high traffic areas looking for a water-based coating that allows washability and chemical resistance, all while providing excellent hide and great coverage. This coating may be applied to block, drywall, masonry and concrete. Pre-Catalyzed Epoxy is frequently used in hospitals, schools, and restaurants.

2. Pro-Cryl Universal Acrylic Primer

A water-based metal primer formulated to resist rust and corrosion is ideal for any type of metal in or around a commercial building. This primer is fast drying and compatible with many topcoats.

3. Multi-Surface Acrylic

This coating is best for walls and ceilings that cannot thoroughly be cleaned and prepared. Although it is an acrylic formula, it dries fast similar to an alkyd, making it a versatile coating for a wide range of interior and exterior substrates.

4. High Performance Epoxy

This coating is designed for industrial maintenance therefore making it a hard, durable, and chemical resistant coating.

5. DTM Acrylic Coating

DTM, or Direct-to-Metal, is a high-performance coating that offers excellent weathering properties, moisture resistance, corrosion and flash resistance. DTM also meets the most stringent VOC regulations. It can be used on iron, steel, aluminum, galvanized steel primer, concrete, wood, and previously painted surfaces.



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