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Suit Your Home's Style Appropriately with Color Schemes

Painting your house’s exterior can change the look and feel of a home and even increase its value. To do this, you need to choose the proper paint colors for the style of your home. For instance, a historic Victorian house would look out of place with a bright, modern color scheme. For most homes, a fresh paint coat of neutral colors is usually a safe choice and will give your house a chic and trendy appearance. You can also add an occasional pop of color to specific areas, if desired, to catch a visitor's attention. Depending on your house style, preferences, and message you may want to broadcast about your home, consider these color schemes and coordination.

two-story white and gray suburbian home on clear day with freshly cut lawn


For a home constructed in a style that's mostly traditional, a warm, beige paint on the exterior looks lovely and creates a fluid, homey environment that fits naturally with its surroundings. Use a bright white around the windows and for the trim. Also, use white for any railings that you have. Another fabulous choice for a traditional home is antique white. With this color, opt for a suede-like brown for the windows and trim to give your house additional dimension.


If your home isn't traditional, but not modern either, you'll want to use colors that work for a style that falls in between. Consider white for a bright appearance with subtle colorful accents to help break up traditional coloring and help parts stand out. Use a medium gray around the windows and along the trim. If you want to use more color, try a blue or green instead of gray as an accent, which can also be used on external shutters. For a more subdued, yet stately look, try a medium gray for the exterior of your home, and match with a dark gray on window frames and trim. Use white for your front door and garage doors to break things up visually and bring attention to components.


For a home with a modern style, bold and elegant colors and aesthetics with more vibrancy accentuate your home for a fresh appearance. A soft gray paint can produce a sophisticated result, and combining it with black for windows and trim produces an abnormally impressive look. For a genuinely renewed appearance, opt for something like seafoam green on your home's exterior. You can match this with white paint on your window frames and trim to produce a dazzling, lively look. Boldness and distinction are key to modern contemporary homes.

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