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Large Industrial Warehouse Brightened Up

Large Industrial Warehouse Brightened Up

Just to the North of Front Street and Chouteau in Kansas City's Northeast Industrial District resides a large distribution center. The 240,000 square foot facility previously occupied by long time tenant, Ozburn-Hessey, was in need for some new curb appeal due to decades of wear and tear from everyday logistics operations.

Scope: Inside this facility, Major Painting's focus was on brightening up the Commercial Repaint Industrialdark warehouse. With poor lighting and a tight budget, it made the most sense to repaint all of the interior walls white in order to brighten the space. The columns were all repainted white and with safety yellowInterior Commercial Repaintstretching from the floor to nine foot up, giving the warehouse and extra pop as well as preventing the columns from blending in with one another. In total 700 gallons of PPG SPEEDHIDE, 75 gallons of safety yellow, and multiple scissor lifts were used to complete the interior.

On the exterior of the building, the all of the trim was repainted to match its existing color, while all the expansion joints on the North side were re-caulked. Only the trim was painted because of non-paintable silicone was applied to virtually all of the metal panel siding.65 gallons of trim paint was used as well as well as a 45 foot stick boom to ensure safety. 

In conclusion, Major Painting, Kansas City's Commercial Repaint Specialist, succeeded in brightening up the warehouse while refreshing the exterior of this building. 



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