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How the Right Color Can Improve Morale In the Workplace

As a business owner, you want your employees motivated to do more and be better. When morale is low, productivity is often low as well. What can you do to improve both? A new coat of paint might just do the trick. Consider the workplace benefits of the following color options.

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The color red is one that promotes labor, power, strength, and energy. If your workplace is high-energy, red could be the right color for your warehouse or office. Red is intense and will raise your blood pressure, so if you need your employees to get that little spark behind them, a bright shade of red might help. It could also help in a quieter office setting where people tend to doze off or lag a little. The red could wake them up and get their hearts pumping.


The color blue promotes focus and calming. If your employees sit at a desk all day and need to really focus on what they’re doing, a nice shade of blue might be your best option. Blue creates mental stimulation, making it one for a workplace where employees need to concentrate.


The color yellow promotes happiness, high energy, joy, and cheerfulness. It’s great as an accent color to red, taking the intensity of the red down a notch and providing that playful break your employees will need. Yellow is the perfect color for a creative workplace that employs artists, writers, developers, etc.


The color green promotes nature, peace, tranquility, and harmony. If the work you do is often stressful and hectic, green walls can offer a level of calm that is most likely needed. It is often used as an accent to blue, balancing the room and creating a sense of calm.

Choosing the Right Color

It’s important you choose the right color to improve morale in your workplace. The environment of every company is different, so choosing a color based on your unique set of goals can have a positive impact on the work being done. For help choosing the best color, contact Major Painting by calling 816-795-9049 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.

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