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How Feng Shui and Paint Color Affect Your Workplace

Your surroundings at work can affect your productivity. If you've ever suffered through sitting in a wobbly chair or squinted in poor lighting, then you know a good environment is important. The colors at your business are part of your surroundings and can make a difference in your comfort, perception, and mood. They also affect your customers too! Improve your business surroundings using the principles of feng shui colors for business.

organized blue office room

What Do Feng Shui Colors Mean for Your Business?

Feng shui colors represent and promote different things for a space. When choosing to paint an office room, consider a couple questions. What services does your business provide? What ideals do you want to convey?

  • Red gives the vibe of energy, passion, love, and prosperity. It corresponds to the fire element.
  • Orange represents activity, cheerfulness, vibrancy, and being social. It corresponds to the fire element.
  • Yellow means happiness, optimism, expansion, and intelligence. Bright yellow is associated with the fire element, but light-yellow associates with the earth element.
  • Green is for health, newness, growth, and relaxation. It corresponds to the wood element.
  • Blue connotes water, calm, peace, and clarity. It corresponds to the water element.
  • Purple implies nobility, imagination, mystery, and spiritual matters, but isn't used as much in feng shui. It corresponds to the fire element.
  • White stands for cleanliness, purity, innocence, and focus. White (and grey) are part of the metal element.
  • Black embodies power, wealth, sophistication, and courage. It is associated with the water element.
  • Brown symbolizes earthiness, stability, comfort, and nurturing. Dark brown corresponds to the wood element, while light brown is associated with the earth element.

The placement of these colors in the feng shui bagua (map) is important.

Our Painters Can Improve Your Business Surroundings

Whichever type of business you're in, the color of your workspace sends a message and sets a tone. The right feng shui placement of colors can alleviate stress, improve productivity, and help people make business relationship connections. Our painters are highly skilled, reliable, and professional. We work with your schedule and preferences to create an environment for your business to thrive. For more information about commercial painting, contact us today for an estimate.

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