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3 Times You Should Repaint Your Office Walls

From mid-sized workplaces to a specialty boutique, how your office is painted can say a lot about your business. While you may not want to change up the paint color every single year, there are some strategic times when a fresh coat and new color of paint can do wonders for your bottom line.

freshly painted and remodeled office space

1. To Signify a Shift in Branding

Companies must carefully choose how their brand is represented through imagery, color, and text, such as logos, merchandising, slogans, and packaging. Branding specialists and logo designers understand how color can communicate your brand philosophy to the world. Whether it's a newly designed logo you want to coordinate with or a new management team you want to symbolically announce, a new color can be a subtle sign that your business has taken a new direction, introduced a new product, or revamped services.

The color of your office should get some careful consideration and should make sense with your overall branding and product or service. For an ad company, warm yellows and striking reds might convey that your company is energetic, young, and innovative. If your business has changed the product lineup to be eco-friendlier, accents of green could communicate that choice. Consulting with a professional office painter is a great way to learn what works for your brand.

2. To Change with the Times

Color trends and interior design trends come and go over the years. If your paint color and interior design haven’t changed since the early 2000s, then it might be time for a revamp.

Staying with trends isn't just about aesthetics. You want to make sure that your paint job gives an accurate visual display of your business' professionalism, sense of pride, and standards of customer service. An outdated office paint job can affect your credibility, how seriously you are taken, and how confident a customer will feel selecting your business.

3. To Freshen Up

While the standard rule is to repaint your office every 3-4 years, it does depend on the level of activity in a room and the original paint job. The high-traffic areas that see more wear and tear are going to need new paint more often, and since it's likely those areas are the ones seen most by customers, that means it’s even more important to keep those walls looking fresh.

Professional office painters with high-quality paint can make a huge difference in how your office looks and how long the paint job lasts.

Major Painting Can Help

As a business owner, you have more than enough things on your to-do list to keep you busy, but it’s a wise idea to make room on that list for an excellent interior paint job to keep your office walls current, clean, and representative of your brand.

If you're in the Lee's Summit or Kansas City area and it's time to repaint your office walls, contact us at Major Painting today!

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