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Regular Maintenance and Practices to Extend the Life of Your Office Walls' Appearance

A clean and attractive office is something that clients and potential clients notice. Maintaining the fresh and clean appearance of the walls in your office helps boost how others view your overall professionalism.

fresh and maintained white paint in office interior

What Causes Damage to Your Walls?

That fresh, clean appearance of newly painted walls undergoes some natural changes over time, but some changes and damage can shorten the life of their appearance. Some of the most common causes of damage include:

  • Normal wear and tear in areas of higher activity
  • Roof leakage
  • UV damage
  • Improperly sealed exterior
  • Moisture from humidity, spills, or splashes
  • Scuff marks in areas where items are moved or frequently carried
  • People touching or leaning against them.

Exterior Maintenance and Protection

Stains and damage from the exterior of your building often take their toll on interior walls. There are several exterior maintenance tasks that can help protect interior walls from these forms of damage, including:

  • Roof Maintenance. Perform regular maintenance on your roof, paying special attention to properly sealing seams around roof penetrations and roofing material joints.
  • Check Exterior Walls. Be sure to regularly inspect the caulking around seams and expansion joints on exterior walls and look for holes, cracks, or failing mortar in masonry walls.
  • UV Protection. You can provide UV protection for your walls by applying UV tint to your office windows or by installing awnings that block direct UV light.

Interior Maintenance and Protection

Protecting those interior walls from further damage might require policy or logistical changes in how various individuals interact and how items or products are moved within your office. In addition, furnishings in certain areas can help protect your walls from contact and scuffing. Regular cleaning can also help. However, be careful when cleaning flat, eggshell, or stained finishes, and only use a mild cleanser on enamel and semi-gloss type finishes.

Sometimes neither interior cleaning and protection, nor exterior maintenance is enough to bring back the luster you want to see in your office walls. When that is the case, repainting your office interior is often the best answer. Besides being able to repaint your office, Major Painting Company can provide you with advice on types of paint that project the professional look you want and paints that are easiest to maintain. Contact us to learn more about how we can help keep your office walls looking fresh.

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