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Factors That Destroy Your Home Walls' Appearance

You've chosen the perfect paint color with care, had a professional painter apply your paint, and even worked to avoid marring your wall finish, but accidents do happen. Even a few random marks can leave your walls looking dated and tired. There are many causes of wall damage, so be prepared for them to best maintain your home's interior and cut down on the amount of cleaning and even repainting you need to do.

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Your painted walls can be damaged in a surprising number of ways: from your own kids and pets to the great outdoors. Consider these factors of potential damage to your interior living space:

  • Harsh cleaning products and improper methods: The wrong approach to cleaning your walls could do more harm than good. Shiny spots, bare patches, and even streaking can be caused by your own bad attempts to clean. Learn the best ways to clean your painted walls based on your paint and wall materials before you grab a sponge or spray bottle to avoid causing costly damages. 
  • Leaks and the elements: If your home has a leak from the roof or an upstairs bathroom, that water can damage your paint finish. You could see streaks and spots, or the paint could peel from the wall itself after a good soaking. An open window or a leaking windowsill can also cause extensive damage in a short amount of time. Fix these issues to save your paint job.
  • Humidity and moisture: If your home has a lot of humidity or you smell mildew, your painted walls could be affected as well. Take steps to track down the source of the moisture and get a dehumidifier if you need one to prevent further damage. 
  • Kids and pets: From a crayoned masterpiece to the claw marks left by a curious cat, both kids and pets can easily damage your walls. Choosing a kid-friendly paint from the start and placing crayons in a designated area can help. For some pets like cats, adding a scratching post to your home could give your feline friend a better option for something to claw. 

Keep your painted walls looking their best by watching for the damages. In many cases, you can clean your walls gently to remove small scuffs and scratches. If the wall appearance is damaged beyond repair or you want a fresh new look, our team can help. Contact us to choose the right paint for your home and needs and to prevent damaged walls in the future.

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